The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission (1985)

“You’ve got a record like a roll of toilet paper. AWOL, desertion of post, striking an NCO, refusing to take orders, drunk on duty, assaulting a superior officer, resulting in his death. And yet you managed to get yourself the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star. You’ve got a lot of talent. You just don’t know how to use it. But I do. ” – Major John Reisman

Number of Times Seen – 2 (TV in the 80’s and 16 Jun 2017)

Brief Synopsis – Major Reisman is once again tasked with taking 12 former soldiers who are convicted felons on a dangerous mission in enemy territory.

My Take on it – I have always been a fan of the original The Dirty Dozen (1967) and recall seeing this sequel when it was on TV in the 80’s.

The most memorable parts of this film for me were the casting choices of Larry Wilcox (From CHIP’s) and Ken Wahl (From Wise Guy) but the rest of the cast didn’t leave much of an impression on me back then and also now.

That partly has to do with the fact that they do a very poor job here of developing the characters in this film which makes all of them feel like cannon fodder instead of essential to the story like they did in the original film.

Many of the jokes and scenes used here are simple rehashes of ones from the original and don’t work as well here as they did nearly two decades earlier.

It was nice to see Lee Marvin and Richard Jaeckel back together again, but if you want to see this idea done right, watch the original.

Bottom Line – Pretty much a complete rehash of the original story just not done as well. The characters are not developed well enough and unlike in the original where you care about the 12 men, here, they most;ly feel like nameless canon fodder. Even the jokes are rehashed from the original.  Watch the original if you want to see this kind of film done so well.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Lee Marvin was 60 when he played Major Reisman in this TV sequel to The Dirty Dozen (1967), which was made when he was 42. However the story is only set a few months after the original film was set. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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