Six Days in June (2007)

“Nasser says ‘If the Jews want war, we say welcome, we are ready!’ ” – Narrator

Number of Times Seen – 1 (18 Jun 2017)

Brief Synopsis – Documentary about the events that led up to the Six Day War in 1967, the war itself and the ripple effect it still has on the region after 40 years.

My Take on it – This is an amazing documentary and it was made at the perfect time because it allowed the film makers to be able to interview many of the still living people who were involved in the events of the story forty years before this film was made.

They do an amazing job of trying to keep the story as objective as possible and give us numerous perspective on the events that happened in 1967 without trying to take sides on who was right and who was wrong.

There is so much to learn from the way things are explained here because it tells us so much of what happened both behind the scenes and with what is most widely known about all that happened back then.

The facts presented here are hard to argue against and they do an excellent job presenting it all to us.

Even days after watching this film, so many new questions keep popping into my mind about the events and what could have been done differently by either side in order to avoid the conflict.

That being said, this was a very pivotal event in modern history that helped shape (from better or worse) much of what is still going on today 50 years later.

Bottom Line – Such a great documentary because it tries to tell everything in a very objective way without trying to take sides in interpreting what happened.  The use of archive footage and interviews with many of the people involved in the events of the day are amazing and there is so much to learn about what happened both behind the scenes and with what most people think they already knew.  The facts of this story from a historical view are pretty much incontrovertible and I really liked the way that this was presented to us.  This film leaves so much to ponder for days afterwards about what and if things should have been done differently but the fact remains that this was truly a pivotal event in modern history. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – According to the Columbia Journalism Review, this film has five versions, for broadcast in Israel, France, the U.S., and other countries. The CJR says: “The American edition is so distinct from the original that Ilan Ziv, Six Days’ director, tried to remove his name from its credits before the film’s U.S. release.” (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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