Superman: The Movie (1978) – Encore Review

“You – you’ve got me? Who’s got you? ” – Lois Lane

Number of Times Seen – Too many to count (TV, Video, DVD, 5 Jun 2013  and 19 Jun 2017)

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Brief Synopsis – A leading scientist and his wife on the Planet Krypton send their infant son to Earth before their planet is destroyed.

My Take on it – I saw this movie as a young kid on TV and immediately feel in love with the character of Superman.

To me, he is one of the best superheros ever presented to us because of his outlook on justice and his boy scout personality that wants to always do thing in the right way.

They do a great job presenting us with the dilemma that has always faced most superheroes as to who their real identity is and what they should stand for.

This character learns from two great mentors, his two fathers as to what should be important to him in life and they both help him choose the right path in his life.

Marlon Brando and Glenn Ford are both superbly cast as Jor-El and Jonathan Kent and we can identity easily with the views of both of them.

Christopher Reeve is a great casting choice as the Man of Steel and to this day still remains (in my mind) the iconic actor of the character.

Gene Hackman is equally great as his nemesis Lex Luthor and despite their physical appearances being so different, the idea of brawn vs brains is clearly presented here.

Richard Donner does a wonderful job directing this film and gives us an epic look as a superhero’s journey in finding his true self.

This film’s success clearly helped keep the doorway open for the many superhero movies that have come out in the past 40 years and for all of those still to come.

And who can ever forget John Williams’ epic score.  Listen to it here.

Bottom Line – Amazing origin story of the Man of Steel.  We get a clear sense of his dilemma as to what he needs to dedicate himself to and where his loyalties should be.  Reeve is amazing as the title character and gives us a real sense of him being both a defender of justice and being a boy scout in his way of dealing with criminals. Hackman is great as Lex Luthor and we get a very good idea of how they can face off against one another because of the idea of brains vs. brawn.  Donner does a great job telling such an epic story for us to learn so much about the origin of one of the most famous superhero characters to ever be introduced to us.  This film’s success left the door open for the next 40+ years for superhero movies to be so popular and interesting for us to watch. Spectacular score by John Williams that has become so iconic. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia –  According to Roger Moore’s autobiography, he witnessed Christopher Reeve walking through the canteen at Pinewood Studios in full Superman costume, oblivious to the swooning female admirers he left in his wake. When he did the same thing dressed as Clark Kent, no one paid any attention. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (no change from original review)


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