Nightcrawler (2014) – Encore Review

“What if my problem wasn’t that I don’t understand people but that I don’t like them? What if I was the kind of person who was obliged to hurt you for this? I mean physically. I think you’d have to believe afterward, if you could, that agreeing to participate and then backing out at the critical moment was a mistake. Because that’s what I’m telling you, as clearly as I can.” – Lou Bloom

Number of Times Seen – 2 (11 Dec 2014 and 8 Aug 2017)

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Brief Synopsis – A man with an eye for trying to make money in seedy ways, decides to become a freelance cameraman who captures sensationalist news as it happens and then sells it to the news station.

My Take on it – When Chet and Rodney of Down the Hall Podcast told me that this film was gonna be their next film discussed, I decided to rewatch it in order to get a fresh take on this film.

This movie is carried entirely by the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal who was truly snubbed when he didn’t even get an Oscar nomination for this role.

The character comes across as being so convincing both to the rest of the people he interacts with and the audience that sometimes you have to be reminded that this isn’t a real story.

His character will do anything and everything to get what he wants and it is done extremely convincingly the entire way through.

They deal with the ideas of shock news and reality TV so well here that it proves that writer/director Dan Gilroy knows wand understands why people love reality TV shows.

The idea that people want to see these kind of things on TV is why TV stations continuously have top rating for this kind of programming; the more real things are, the more interested the viewers will be.

They present the idea of the chicken and the egg really well between whether media affects the news or vice versa and that is this films major hook story wise.

The story itself isn’t a feel good one and none of the characters are really sympathetic, yet it really gives us so much to ponder for days after viewing.

If Gyllenhaal keeps making roles like this so unique, he will one day have that Gold statue on his mantle.

Bottom Line – Gyllenhaal is amazing in this role and he does a great job portraying this character who will do anything to try and get ahead in life. The way that the story deals with reality based and shock news really mirrors so much about what we know that people love about watching those kind of shows.  The idea of the media affecting news and vice versa is presented quite well here. The storyline itself isn’t that sympathetic yet it still gives us so much to think about for days after watching this. Gyllenhaal should have nabbed an Oscar nomination for this role because his character is so convincing in everything he does which is also why the characters listen to what he has to say. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia –  Jake Gyllenhaal lost 20 pounds for his role. This was Gyllenhaal’s own idea, as he visualized Lou as a hungry coyote. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (no change from original review)


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3 thoughts on “Nightcrawler (2014) – Encore Review

  1. This was one of my favorite movies from the year it was released. Riveting from start to finish. A fascinating story centered around a rather repugnant central character – played to a fare thee well by Jake Gyllenhaal (who you rightly pointed out should have been nominated as Best Lead Actor – along with Riz Ahmed in a terrific supporting role as his cameraman – drawn in way over his head by a man without boundaries or a conscience). The way he talks himself into a job and turns the tables at every turn on his “superiors” – in experience if not in knowing how far he’d go to get his way – was spectacular. This one was edge of the seat all the way. Jake not only lost weight as you said, but he altered his normal speech patterns and all his mannerisms to melt inside the skin of this reprehensible man.


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