Sleepwalk With Me (2012)

“I think falling in love for the first time is such a transcendent feeling. You know, it’s like eating pizza-flavored ice cream your brain can’t even process that level of joy.” – Matt

Number of Times Seen – 1 (24 Aug 2017)

Brief Synopsis – An aspiring comedian must deal with failing love life, his jokes list and his sleepwalking at night.

My Take on it – A few months ago, I had the pleasure to watch Don’t Think Twice (2016) which was a great film showing the trials and tribulations of wanna be stand up comics when one in their midst makes the big time.

Since my good friends Chet and Rodney of Down the Hall Podcast chose to discuss the writer and director of that film’s debut, I eagerly took the opportunity to watch this film too.

Once again writer/director/actor Mike Birbiglia shows he has the talent to make a film about the life of a struggling comedian.

In his debut film, he bases the main character on his own problems when he tried to get his career started.

He has no problem showing us the many different kinds of difficulties that he faced when trying to fulfill his dream.

What’s great about the way this is done is that each and every person watching this film can put themselves in his position as they try to imagine how it would be like for them to strive to achieve their dream job in life.

Birbiglia uses some fourth wall techniques to give us a unique perspective on the whole process which helps us understand his character even more.

Despite mostly hindrance and sometime support from friends, family, colleagues and the audiences of course, we get to see how he strives to persevere in this dream job through many obstacles.

We easily get the feeling that this is a real story with bits and pieces of humor thrown in here and there and this helps keep things in a realistic perspective the entire time.

Love the casting of James Rebhorn and Carol Kane as the lead’s constantly bickering parents.

This film is filled with many themes that most viewers can feel familiar with in regard to numerous aspects of life.

Can’t wait to see what else Birbiglia has in store for us!

Bottom Line – Excellent debut. Shows us the real struggles of the life of a comedian who must juggle so many aspects of his life while trying to get a foothold on his dream career.  The way things are shown from the comedians perspective works really well because we get to understand the way his life is evolving as he chases his dream no matter the help or hindrance of family, friends, colleagues and of course the audience. Does of great job of showing us real life with a spice of humor in it which helps keep the realism afloat the entire time. Kane and Rebhorn are great as the lead’s bickering parents.  Many of the themes seem quite recognizable to many people which will make this seem very familiar when it comes to lots of aspects of life. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Comedian Mike Birbiglia lost 20 pounds to play the role he based on himself. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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