Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible (2010)

“From the sublime to the ridiculous; from E.T. to the Amazing work they did on The Transformers, ILM loves to find different ways of telling stories visually. ” – Steven Spielberg

Number of Times Seen – 1 (6 Sep 2017)

Brief Synopsis – Documentary about the history of ILM, the special effects studio that George Lucas created in order to realize his dreams with the movie Star Wars 40 years ago.

My Take on it – I have always been amazed at the way special effects have been used in movies to make things look and feel more real for us.

As a fan of the Star Wars franchise, I’ve been aware of the existence of ILM for decades and this documentary does a great job showcasing their history and the advancement that they have spearheaded in the effects industry for over 40 years.

Being able to listen to the explanations of how the effects industry has changed over the years was fascinating and the way that they showed us some of the steps used for creating many of the effects was in some cases really breathtaking to view.

What is most important tho is the fact that if it wasn’t for the joint work of the effects ‘guys’ and the directors, nothing would happen.

The film makers have the ideas and the men and women at ILM know how to realize those ideas and dreams using the various techniques at their disposal to make them all seem real.

…and to think, none of this would have happened without the help and vision of George Lucas himself.

Bottom Line – Amazing look at how the ideas of filmmakers are translated to the screen and how that technology has advanced so much over the years. Seeing and hearing how things have changed over the years based on the demands of film makers is amazing to watch because it is due to the joint efforts of visionary directors and the men and women who can make it work and seem realistic on screen.  They do an amazing job explaining how so many special effects are created by use of computers and this film is truly wondrous to watch.  Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – “Industrial Light and Magic” began with the tale of a small team of students, engineers, and artists who pioneered analogue effects that had never been attempted or realised on the screen for “Star Wars” (1977) (From

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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