A 2 RQCs Guest Reviews the Teaser Trailer of Back to The Future (1985)

HUGE Thanks to  2 Reel Quirky Cats (Gill and Cat) for this letting me partake in this very fun opportunity to talk about a trailer I love watching





This is the way a proper teaser trailer should be made.


None of the scenes used are in the movie itself and the idea is to give us a taste for the film without knowing anything  about it and more importantly, not giving away any spoilers.


I recall seeing this on TV as an 11 year old and the tease here is more than enough to get anyone interesting in seeing what this was all about.


What’s fascinating is the fact that when I watch it now, I know exactly what they are trying to tell us because I know the film so well, but back then, nobody had any clue as to what this film was really all about which was the ultimate draw


The opening that just shows that this is made by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemekis is also enough to get people to want to see this film and many of us flocked to see it as soon as it came out.


The shots of the various parts of the DeLorian time machine are great because they really give us a futuristic feeling about it all while still questioning what is really going on



The clincher tho is the use of Michael J. Fox with his sunglasses on; When he takes them off and says the classic line (that he, btw never says in any of the movies, Doc does) “About 30 years” followed by the now iconic Huey Lewis song Back in Time featuring the lightning trails the you just wanna drop everything and rewatch this classic film.



Thanks again to 2 Reel Quirky Cats!

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