MovieRob Monthly Roundup – October 2017

Hi All!

In continuing with this feature, here is a quick roundup on my reviews of this past month – this is a way you can possibly catch up on reviews or announcements that you perhaps missed.

So here it is: 

  • Number of Movies reviewed – 45 (click here to see all of October’s Reviews)
  • Number of new movies viewed for the first time – 33

How I rated the movies this month:

  • Oscar Worthy – 8
  • Globe Worthy – 23
  • BAFTA Worthy – 9
  • Razzie Worthy – 5

In addition to Genre Grandeur, I run a feature called Genre Guesstimation where I review other movies in the monthly GG in order to see whether I think they deserve to be part of my favorites in the given genre!

BTW, next month’s Genre has been chosen by Ashleigh of The Movie Oracle . We will be reviewing our favorite Spoof/Parody Movies

Please get me your submissions by the 25th of November by sending them to

Try to think out of the box! Great choice Ashleigh!

As many of you probably have noticed, I have watch and reviewed 38 of the 63 titles recommended to me for my latest Movies From the Hat Series in my countdown to 3500 reviews.

I hope to reach that mark sometime before the middle of November.  Thanks again to everyone who pitched in for it.

In November, I also hope to begin my Oscar feature from last year retitled 90 Days of Oscars series where I will watch and review 1 Best Picture Oscar Nominated film a day.  This year, some of them will be one’s Ive already seen but have yet to review, but I hope the majority will be brand new ones for me (prior to 1945)

In addition, as I’m sure many of you have noticed, October was a down month for me reviews wise since I ony watched and reviewed 45 films this month.

The reason is twofold; firstly, the Jewish holidays took up the first half of the month, so that limited my free time to watch and review.

Secondly, I’ve had some personal issues that I’ve been dealing with over the past few weeks; a bit over a month ago, my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and the running to doctors, treatments and even helping more out with the kids and household chores has also taken away from my available time to watch movies.

I’m not sure what the future will bring, but I plan to continue my reviews, so don’t fret if you don’t see me around every few days or so… Its just because I’m delaing with other things in life.

My wife O and I appreciate all the moral support that we’ve received from my blogging friends who knew about the situation and I hope you can all keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery back to her healthy self.

Once again, thanks to everyone who visits here because without you guys, this site would never have blossomed the way it has over these past 4.5+ years.



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6 thoughts on “MovieRob Monthly Roundup – October 2017

  1. Thrilled to see your thumb way down on Beasts of the Southern Wild. I hated it and I’m still in shock that Quezvazenee (?) was Oscar nominated for her performance in it. It was awful. Every year – the critics glom onto some terrible film that they try to shove down the public throat – mostly because they feel superior to the regular public at having seen it in some remote film festival – knowing full well it will barely get released, thus fomenting jealousy amongst those who heard great things – but will never get to see it for themselves – and doing them a favor – because they usually suck out loud. I just came home from seeing The Florida Project – this years winner of Crapfest Pointless Movie That The Critics Are Beating The Drums For. There – I just saved everyone 10 bux. Stay as far away from this turkey as you can.


  2. Only you would consider 45 reviews in a month to be underperforming, Rob. 😉
    I’m so sorry to hear about your wife, but I sincerely hope she’ll recover quickly. Family takes precedence so I’m sure everyone should understand. My family will keep her and you in our prayers.

    Liked by 1 person

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