Brad’s Status (2017)

“I’m alive…?” – Brad

Number of Times Seen – 1 (21 Nov 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A man reflects on the decisions he has made in life while on a trip with his son to visit potential universities in the Boston area.

My Take on it – I’m a big fan of the TV show The Amazing Race and I’ve seen most seasons multiple times.

The writer/director of this film Mike White appeared on two seasons of the show alongside his father Mel.

When I saw that this new Ben Stiller film was written and directed by him, I was quite excited to see what Mike had in store for us.

This film does a great job trying to dissect the reasons that people sometimes have regrets and fulfillment when we reach a certain age in life.

The choice of Stiller in the lead is a smart one because his usual neurotic persona actually helps make his character seem even more genuine and real.

Stiller’s scenes with his onscreen son played by Austin Abrams are great because they are able to show a real father-son dynamic that works really well.

I liked the addition of the music aspect to this film because it gives even more insight into memories of one’s past and at the same time the ideas of potential for the future.

White’s script is really insightful and he directs this film in a way that we can feel for the main character even more.

The issues dealing with perspective works really well and gives us all so much to ponder when thinking about our views of other people’s lives.

This is a film that is able to say so much about what kind of potential feelings people might have when they reach the point where they feel they have hit a wall which can be seen as a mid-life crisis.

Hopefully, White has more insightful ideas planned for us all in the future.

Bottom Line – Great film about the regrets and thoughts that occupy us about feeling fulfillment in our lives. Stiller is a nice choice for the lead because his neurotic personality traits actually help flesh out his character even more. White does a great job with the script he wrote and directs this film quite well. This film says so much about the potential feelings of a mid-life crisis from a genuine standpoint. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Director cameo: Mike White plays Nick (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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6 thoughts on “Brad’s Status (2017)

  1. I hated this movie. I thought that Brad was a despicable character and a major loser and after the scene where he leaves his son asleep in their hotel room and goes back out to hit on the college girls they’d had drinks with earlier – I was done – and walked out of the movie. Had nothing to do with Stiller’s performance – he was good – the character he played was someone I didn’t want to spend any time with and regretted as much as I had. I should’ve left even earlier than I did and asked for my money back.


  2. Nice Review, I enjoyed this movie too, i like how it showed us that even with success you can find yourself questioning things. It also plays heavily into the idea of how Facebook only portrays the success people want to show others, if you are no longer the bigger part of their life you don’t see the struggles they have too.


  3. I could not stand Ben Stiller’s character. Right from the start I was rooting against him because of how terrible a person he was. Aside from that, either the movie itself was forgettable or I was disengaged due to hating Brad so much, because I can barely remember the plot!


    • From what little I saw – there wasn’t much of a plot to forget. It was basically a character study – of a man with no character to speak of. A pitiful scumbag. You didn’t miss anything. I’m always amazed that as difficult as it is to get a movie made – that something like this sees the light of day. I wonder who the producers/studio/financiers thought the audience would be for this. I have no answers. I wouldn’t have made this movie on a lost bet.


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