Lost in Translation (2003)

“You’ll figure that out. The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” – Bob

Number of Times Seen – 2 (22 Apr 2008 and 21 Nov 2017)

Brief Synopsis – Two strangers find a connection to each other while in Japan.

My Take on it – I saw this film years ago and never understood the hype around it.

I hoped that watching it again would give me a more in depth reason as to why so many people really enjoy this film.

I was bored out of my mind the whole time!!!

This was such a waste of time and I still don’t understand what so many people see in it!.

I’ve always been a fan of Bill Murray but he just didn’t do anything special here as far as I’m concerned and the chemistry between him and Scarlet Johansson is quite strange and doesn’t work more of the time IMHO.

The one thing that I liked about this film is the multiple meaning of the title.

There are definitely lots of better films about strangers meeting and forming a strong connection in a foreign environment and this film is much closer to the bottom of that list than to the top of it.

I’m still quite baffled as to how this film got nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and won Best Screenplay that year.

Bottom Line – Extremely boring film about two strangers spending a few days together in Japan trying to find themselves. Murray and Johansson have a strange kind of chemistry that works only part of the time.  There are lots of better films about strangers meeting and forming a bond while in a foreign land. How did this film win an Oscar and have two other nominations?

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Sofia Coppola wrote the lead role specifically for Bill Murray, and later said that if Murray turned it down, she wouldn’t have done the movie. (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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8 thoughts on “Lost in Translation (2003)

  1. If you didn’t like “Clouds of Sils Maria” I can see why you wouldn’t get this one. Personally I think this is one of the best films of the 2000s. The brilliance of the script is how real and un-movie-like it portrays the connections that spring up between strangers. I think this film is a masterpiece…but I’ve also seen many people who don’t quite get it.

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