Decoding Annie Parker (2013) – Encore Review

“I promise you. You are not gonna lose your mommy to cancer. ” – Annie Parker

Number of Times Seen – 2 (26 May 2014 and 27 Nov 2017)

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Brief Synopsis – A young woman suffering from breast cancer and a top researcher in the field of cancer try to independently find some kind of hope in discovering the end of this dreaded disease by proving a genetic link.

My Take on it – As I’ve mentioned a few times over the past two months, the issue of Breast Cancer has hit me on a very personal level since my wife was diagnosed with it two months ago.

Life as been completely upturned for us, but the light at the end of the looong tunnel is hope;  without hope we are all lost in situations like this.

In order to get a clearer understanding of the effects of Breast cancer on women (and my wife in particular), I decided to try and watch a bunch of films that are related to the fight (and hopefully the win) against the tide of Breast Cancer.

This is such a fascinating film that tells such an unbelievable and integral issues in life from numerous perspectives; personal and medical.

The fact that this film is largely based on real events helps make it feel so much more impactful to the viewer.

Samantha Morton is superb here as the lead role and it’s so easy to see that she gives so much of herself to help mold this character.

The biggest message of this film is hope for the discovery of the cure yet it’s also integral to understand the disease being fought against first.

The supporting characters are quite interesting to watch because we know each and ever one of them in some way, shape or form will be able to impact the treatment and discovery of a cure of this disease via new knowledge of how to try and win the fight against this dreaded disease.

The ending feels a bit rushed, but still manages to help emphasize the main goal of this film;  and that is awareness.

I am truly glad that I chose to rewatch this film because it gives me so much more insight on a personal level on how to deal with the way life is turned around completely when you unexpectedly come in contact with this kind of disease.

Bottom Line – Fascinating film that tells an extremely important story from numerous vantage points; personal and medical. The cast is superb and Morton really gives so much of herself in portraying this character.  The fact that this is largely based on real events helps make it that more powerful to watch. This film shows that there is hope of discovery of a cure, but first there must be much more understanding as to what is really going on. The story introduces us to so many interesting characters that all have some kind of impact on the discovery of some kind of new knowledge about the fight against this dreaded disease. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia –  Won the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Feature Film Prize in Science and Technology at the Hampton’s International Film Festival (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (no change from original review)


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