Isaacs Picture Conclusions

For the last 10,000 years, both Homo Erectus and Home Sapiens (as well as Homo Ergaster, or Homo Rudolfensis, and perhaps even Homo Habilis) have looked to the skies and the stars at night and asked themselves two things:

  • Why are those round things on that chick’s chest so yummy??
  • Should we have a Shitfest??

It seems that over the last two years our community of bloggers has dimmed. Granted, with my current situation, I’m not able to get to the blogs as often and I miss them.  I’ve tried to keep up some but, for me, it’s so hard to do with no free time and look at them on my fucking phone. But – for those of you still out and about – do you want to do a Shitfest?

The Good and Pious Jordan Dodd of has offered to host it up out here. It’s good…

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