Die Hard (1988) – Encore Review 5 (Podcast – LAMB MOTM)

Here‘s my recent podcast discussion for this amazing movie.

Thanks again to Jay, DJ, Richard, Rebecca and Jeanette for being daring enough to discuss this film with me!

Number of Times Seen –Seriously too many to count (Video, Cable, 13 Oct 1992, DVD, 4 May 2000, Jan 2012, 24 Nov 2013, 30 Nov 2014, 4 Nov 2015, 11 Nov 2015, 13 Jul 2017 and 3 Dec 2017)

Link to original reviewHere  Here  Here Here and Here


Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10) (no change from original review)


Original post – Here

Ho Ho Ho! It’s December, and the holiday season is in full swing, so it’s time for our latest Christmas-special Movie of the Month, and really what could be more festive than terrorists taking over a skyscraper full of hostages?

That’s right, it’s time to grab your biggest teddy bear, put on your filthiest undershirt, remove your shoes and make fists with your toes because we’re jumping off the roof and into Die Hard! Jay was joined by the film’s champion, MovieRob, along with fellow fans DJ, Jeanette, Richard and Rebecca to discuss whether this really is a Christmas film, why is it such an enduring classic and just who is the biggest arsehole in the film.

Also on tap: Rants and Raves of the Week and a game of Die Hard Trivia. Plus, stick around until the end for an alternate game!

00:00 Intros
03:12 Die Hard review (spoilers!)
67:10 Rants and Raves
83:33 Last Lamb Standing
100:15 Plugs
109:36 Outtakes

Here’s what the rest of the LAMB Community had to say about Die Hard:

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Show notes:
Lambcasts: Die Hard 2, Gremlins & Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Batman Returns, Musical Draft
Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Ode to Joy
Nothing Lasts Forever
Die Hard in a …” movie list
Al Leong in Lethal Weapon
Die Hard scenes: Hans meets John, Karl fight, Yippee Ki Yay, Hans’ entrance, Johnson and Johnson, Al’s Redemption
West Side Story: Gee, Officer Krupke
Avengers Infinity War trailer
Jurassic Park Funko Pop figures

DJ’s Plugs:
Simplistic ReviewsEpisode 94

Jeanette’s Plugs:
The Mundane Adventures of a FangirlJustice League

Rebecca’s Plugs:
Almost Ginger

Richard’s Plugs:
Kirkham A Movie A DayWest Side Story

Rob’s Plugs:
MovieRob90 Days of Oscar
LAMB Acting School 101

Jay’s Plugs:
Life Vs Film
To The Escape HatchFavourite Scene Friday: Deep Blue Sea

LAMB Plugs:
Lambscores: Thor Ragnarok
Acting School 101: Samuel L. Jackson
Directors Chair: Taika Waititi, Frank Capra introduction

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