Darkest Hour (2017)

“You can not reason with a Tiger when your head is in its mouth.” – Winston Churchill

Number of Times Seen – 1 (12 Jan 2018)

Brief Synopsis – After British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain steps down from office, he is replaced by Winston Churchill, who must decide whether to appease Hitler or fight back.

My Take on it – This is a film that I’ve been anticipating for quite some time.

As a fan of history and World War II in particular, I was really curious to see what this film would bring us.

They do an amazing job giving us a realistic portrayal of a man thrust into leadership at a time of crisis who must overcome many political obstacle to do what is right.

Gary Oldman has always been a great actor but here he loses himself in this role and it’s so easy to constantly forget who is underneath all of that makeup.

When watching this, you can easily feel that you are watching Churchill himself instead of an actor portraying him and that shows how amazing a job he does here.

I will be very shocked if he doesn’t manage to walk away with the Oscar for Best Actor in a month and a half from now.

The story mostly takes place in Parliament or around London yet we constantly feel the tension of the people as they fear the imminent invasion by German forces.

The dialogue is so beautiful to listen to (even with Churchill mumbling most of his lines) and we get a real sense of how amazing an orator Churchill himself was and how he was able to resonate what the people wanted to do during these difficult situations.

Loved the political intrigue in this film because it shows how effective and ineffective politicians can be.

This is definitely one of the best films of 2017 and will appear on my top ten list, I also can’t wait for the opportunity to see it again.

Bottom Line – Amazing portrayal of a man in a difficult position and his ability to try and overcome political obstacles. Oldman is superb here because under the heavy makeup, he gets totally lost in the role and one must be reminded who is portraying Churchill. I will be extremely shocked if he doesn’t end up walking away with the Oscar for Best Actor this year. Despite the story taking place in Parliament and around London, they manage to show the tension that the threat of invasion had on everyone. The dialogue is beautifully written (even with Churchill’s mumbling speeches) and we get a real sense of how great an orator this man really was. One of the best films of 2017! highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – By a sad irony, John Hurt was ill with cancer when he was set to portray Neville Chamberlain, Britain’s ousted Prime Minister who was dying of cancer in 1940. However, in an interview Gary Oldman said that because Hurt was so ill he never made it to a reading and never got to film a scene. The movie will still be dedicated to Hurt, as it was going to be his final cinematic project.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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9 thoughts on “Darkest Hour (2017)

  1. Very impressed with this film as well. Riveting. Intense. Oldman is excellent. Did not know about John Hurt. Interesting sidebar (reminded me of John Wayne’s last movie – The Shootist – when Wayne had cancer and played an aging gunfighter – dying of cancer. It turned out to be – IMO – one of the best roles of his legendary career). One more thing on Darkest Hour – I thought that the single shot of the armada of small boats heading for Dunkirk in this film – framed against the backdrop of the White Cliffs of Dover – was better than any similar shot in DUNKIRK – Nolan’s effort at telling THAT story.


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