Angels in the Outfield (1994)

“My name is Maggie Nelson. I take care of foster kids. One of these boys is the child who can see angels. He could stand up right now and tell you what’s going on and I’d know you’d just laugh at him. But, when a professional football player drops to one knee to thank God for making a touchdown, nobody laughs at that. Or when a pitcher crosses himself before going to the mound, no one laughs at that either. It’s like your saying it’s okay to believe in God, but it’s not okay to believe in angels. Now, I thought that they were on the same team.” – Maggie Nelson

Number of Times Seen – at least three times (Cable in the 90’s, 22 Feb 2000 and 15 Jan 2018)

Brief Synopsis – An orphan makes a wish that his favorite baseball team will win the season in hopes that his father will take him back.

My Take on it – As a fan of baseball, I’ve always enjoyed films about the sport and this one gives us both a fun baseball film along with one that has a great message for everyone to continue to ponder even after its over.

The cats is superb and is led by a 13 year old Joseph Gordon-Levitt who even at that young age, shows us all what kind of potential he has for the future.

This is a film with an underlying message of hope and trust and I loved the way that so many of the characters learn so much as the film moves along.

It was also great seeing a number of well known actors in smallish parts here even two who have gone on to win Oscars (Matthew McConaughey and Adrien Brody)

Besides the unknown actors at the time, this film also features Danny Glover, Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd and Brenda Flicker.

Bottom Line – Great film that is not only real fun but also gives us so much to ponder. Gordon-Levitt is great here even as a young kid and it’s easy to see what the future holds for him based on this performance. This is a story of hope and many of the characters learn so much from the experiences shown. Loved seeing a number of future famous actors in bit parts here. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Not only do Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Roger Bomman) and Brenda Fricker (Maggie Nelson) share the same birthday, Februray 17, but the actor and actress have played opposite Daniel Day-Lewis as a relative of his main character. Fricker played Day-Lewis’ mother, Mrs. Brown, in My Left Foot (1989), and Gordon-Levitt played his son, Robert Lincoln, in Lincoln (2012). Day-Lewis won the Best Actor Oscar for both films, Fricker won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role for My Left Foot (1989), but Gordon-Levitt did not receive a nomination for his performance in Lincoln. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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