Spielberg (2017)

“He speaks cinema as if it’s his native language.” – Janet Maslin

Number of Times Seen – 1 (17 Jan 2018)

Brief Synopsis – Documentary about the life and work of one of the best directors working today.

My Take on it – I have been interested in seeing this film for the past few months because Steven Spielberg has always been one of my favorite directors.

I have seen almost all of his films and am almost always quite impressed with the end results.

This film gives us an amazing overview of his life while touching upon the films that he made at the various stages of his life.

Loved the way that we get to see how his personal life helped propel him forward in his career while at the same time his career helped propel him forward in life.

This film is filled with so many great interviews with actors, friends, family, film critics and even Spielberg himself in order to give us a great overview of this fascinating man.

We get so much insight into how his career was able to progress over the past 40+ years and that he is constantly reinventing himself as a director during those years.

Really enjoyed the candid interviews in this film because people were able to express their real feelings for Spielberg and his career; some were in awe from the beginning, while others thought he would be a bust all too soon.

Spielberg has directed slightly more than 30 films in his career and so many of them are among the very best ever made.

The fact that he still has the drive to make more films and even try and better his skill and work after such a storied career says so much about the genius of him and his craft.

Bottom Line – They do a great job giving us an overview of Spielberg’s life touching upon all of his movies and how they affected his forward movement.  The interviews with actors, family, friends, Spielberg himself and even critics gives us a great view on how his life affected his work and vice versa.  This film gives us so much insight into how his career progressed over the past 40+ years and how he has constantly grown as a director in all those years.  Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Around 30 hours of interviews with Steven Spielberg were shot. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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