Get Out (2017) – Encore Review

“I’m TS-motherf*ckin’-A. We handle sh*t. That’s what we do. Consider this situation f*ckin’ handled.” – Rod

Number of Times Seen – 2 (23 Apr 2017 and 25 Feb 2018)

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Brief Synopsis – A young black man is invited to his white girlfriend’s parent’s house for the weekend and begins to suspect that something is not right.

My Take on it – This film has been riding the wave of hype for over a year now and that says a lot about its impact.

This premise is great and most importantly very original which is something that Hollywood has been in dire need for over the past few years.

The story works on numerous levels and is thoroughly enjoyable.

I’m still a bit baffled why this has been classified as being a horror film because I personally usually think of slasher films as horror.

It is more of a psychological thriller and fits more into the kind of genre which I do enjoy (unlike true horror).

The cast of this film is great and I loved seeing Bradley Whitford in a role very different from his usual kind.

The story moves along at a great pace and constantly keeps surprising us along with way.

The choice to add in bits of humor along the way also works really well to keep the atmosphere lighter.

This helps make things even more enjoyable and not scary at all.

The idea is very original which once again proves how much Hollywood needs to allow new voices to share their fresh idea instead of constant sequels and remakes.

This is a very fun film to watch but I’m still not sold on the fact that it is deserving of being listed among the Best Pictures of the year.

Bottom Line – Great idea that works on numerous levels.  I wouldn’t necessarily truly classify this as a horror film because it’s much closer to being a psychological thriller. The cast is great, and the story moves at a great pace constantly surprising us along the way. The added moments of humor help keep things fun and enjoyable and not scary at all. Extremely original idea that proves that all movies don’t need to be remakes and as long as they constantly have fresh ideas, movies will continue to be able to entertain us. Fun film, but not necessarily really deserving of being nominated for Best Picture IMHO. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia –  Director Jordan Peele was inspired to write this movie by Eddie Murphy’s stand-up film Eddie Murphy: Delirious (1983). Murphy jokes about horror films, including Poltergeist (1982) and The Amityville Horror (1979), and asks why white people do not leave when there is a ghost in the house. Murphy jokes that as he was showing his wife around a beautiful house, if he heard a ghost whisper, “get out,” he would immediately tell her, “Too bad we can’t stay, baby!” Peele repeated Murphy’s joke on the DVD commentary of this film. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10) (no change from original review)


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