2017 Oscar Ballot + Oscar Podcast

Tonight is the 90th Annual Academy Awards, so as always here is my ballot.  Hopefully I’ll do better this year than last.

















In addition, I had the pleasure of participating in two podcast related to the Oscar predictions:


Check out my discussion at the LAMB here  Thanks to Jay, Howard, Vern and Justin

Check out my Discussion on Talking Stars here  Thanks to Darren for having me as a guest!


Cann’t wait for tonight’s show…. hopefully it will have some surprises just like last year (well, not exactly) 🙂


Have fun one and all!

8 thoughts on “2017 Oscar Ballot + Oscar Podcast

  1. Wow…great minds. Our ballots are nearly identical. I actually hope that”This Is Me” wins for Best Song, because I think it IS the best song it’s also the lone nomination from The Greatest Showman, so I have a hunch that Coco – which will win Best Animated Feature will also win Song. And I thought Deakins will win for BR2049 – and break his streak, but woke up with a feeling that maybe not – since BR was not all that well received – and I changed my vote to The Shape of water. Other than that, I think we’re in lockstep across the board. I’d be THRILLED for Apes to win VFX – even though most are going with Blade Runner – which BTW – lost for the same award on the original movie.

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    • I actually want dunkirk to win cinematography but i think this is finally rg’s year. This is me is soo much better than remember me. Just saw tgs today and absolutely loved it


      • I loved the movie too. Bought the soundtrack CD right after seeing it and have been listening to it in my car for weeks. It is clearly the better song. But Pasek & Paul won a year ago for La La Land – and might not repeat. I was not a Dunkirk fan.

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        • yea i know u didn’t like it, but u have to admit that technically its very well made even if u didn’t like the storytelling.

          i also got the soundtrack.today. such a powerful soundtrack and amazing song. i’m surprised the greatest show or from now on weren’t able to get nominated because most of the other songs nominated are pretty weak imho compared to them


          • Did not like the storytelling. Did NOT like the skewed time lines. Unnecessary. For me, Darkest Hour told essentially the same story better – and with a stronger POV (Churchill’s). very rare that multiple songs are nominated from the same film. I actually loved “Never” which is song by the Swedish opera singer he brings to America. Beautiful, heart wrenching ballad. That one would’ve been my 2nd choice. Also – there are rumors that the movie might be adapted as a Broadway musical. And since Jackman does Broadway – I assume if it happens – he would reprise his lead role.

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  2. I’m with you too, Rob. These aren’t necessarily everything I want to win, but I suspect the night will follow your predictions closely. I’m rooting for “This Is Me” for song as well, but “Remember Me” has a good chance too. “The Greatest Show” was the best song, though IMO, so I wish that could have been nominated. I love the soundtrack so much that I can’t wait to finally see The Greatest Showman.

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