Movies From the Hat 7 – #19 – Lolo’s Pick – SLC Punk (1998)

This is my 3964th Review

Thanks to Lolo Loves Film for this recommendation.

 “What do you do when your foundation falls apart? I don’t know. They don’t teach you that in school.” – Stevo

Number of Times Seen – 1 (12 Apr 2018)

Brief Synopsis – A group of teenage punk’s try to enjoy life eventhough they live in a small town in Utah.

My Take on it – This is actually not an easy film to discuss since it’s very hard for me to understand the draw of a Punk lifestyle which makes it very difficult to try and sympathize with the characters and what they are trying to do.

This film takes the idea of rebellious youth to an interesting place and it works some of time in trying to show that this is how these kids decide to rebel against the system and their parents.

The biggest problem with the film tho is the fact that too much of it feels drawn out and instead of giving us a succinct storyline we have to wade through some boring parts before we can get to the meatier scenes.

The narration works well because they are able to give us enough background information to understand the worked of Salt Lake City (and Utah in general) in the early 80’s.

Matthew Lillard is pretty good in the lead role and he makes the viewer want to try and understand more yet the way the story is told hinders that understanding a bit.

Loved seeing Jason Segel in a small yet significant role.

Bottom Line – Slightly better than average film eventhough it’s hard to really sympathize with the characters. The idea of rebellious youth is quite apparent here and the way that they”act out” is interesting to watch.  The problem s that this film feels like it drags along to much and instead of giving us a succinct storyline, things feel stretched. Lillard is quite good in the lead role.  Nic seeing Segel in a small role here.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Matthew Lillard’s character, Stevo was originally to have bleached blond hair. However, when getting the bleach job, the peroxide burned Lillard’s scalp, leaving a hideous mess. Dying his hair blue was a way of hiding it. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (6/10)


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