Movies From the Hat 7 – Recap


After watching and reviewing 55 film chosen by you guys, I have finally surpassed the 4,000th movie review mark!!!!.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who participated by sending me a recommendation, by liking or by commenting on these reviews.

Your help is very appreciated regardless of whether I liked the movie you suggested or not

If you happened to miss any of the reviews, you can check them out here

Of the 55 titles, I had previously seen only 12 of them, so I’m happy to have my viewing repertoire expanded once again with 43 new movies that I probably would never have watched or even found by myself.

Here is the overall rating breakdown for my Movies From the Hat 7

Razzie Worthy – 9

BAFTA Worthy – 14

Globe Worthy – 23

Oscar Worthy – 9

So overall, the recommendations were to my liking since 32 of them got relatively high scores!

Thanks again to One and ALL!!!

6 thoughts on “Movies From the Hat 7 – Recap

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