The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

“I don’t need to understand… Ain’t a soul on this entire earth ain’t got a burden to carry he don’t understand, you ain’t alone in that… But you been carryin’ this one long enough… Time to go on… lay it down…” – Bagger Vance

Number of Times Seen – At least 5 times (DVD in 2000, 25 Nov 2001, Jan 2003, Aug 2007 and 10 May 2018)

Brief Synopsis – During the Depression a young debutante stages a golf exhibition on her family’s new golf course featuring three of the best golf players of that time.

My Take on it – This is a film that I have always loved every since I came across it by accident 18 years ago.

The story and plot are told so well and it all feels so uplifting every step of the way.

This film was directed by Robert REdford and the tone that he uses for it is amazing to watch because it causes the film to look and feel so magical.

The cast is superb from to to bottom and we get great and subtle performances from Matt Damon, Wil Smith, Charlize Theron, jack Lemmon, Joel Gretsch and Bruce McGill.

All of the characters are developed really well and we get to understand each of their desires and goals whether they be in golf or in life.

This story uses golf as a wondrous allegory for life and even slight dialogue about the game can have meanings for both.

The phantasmagorical approach in the story also works really well because it is quite subtle in its ways and helps keep it all in check while making small bounds instead of leaps so that it still feels realistic.

This is based on a novel and I wonder if it’s as uplifting and interesting as this film was.

The musical score by Rachel Portman is amazing and adds so much to the fantastical feeling of this film.

Check it out here:

Bottom Line – Such an amazingly uplifting film. The cast is superb and I love the tone set by Redford to make this film look and feel magical.  The story works really well as both a fantasy and an allegory for life and resonates for so long after watching it. The characters are developed quite well and distinctly and each has their own reachable goals in life and in golf.  Wonder if the book feels as phantasmagorical as this film does. Amazing score by Rachel Portman. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Originally, the lead roles were going to be played by Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford. But, after careful consideration, Redford decided that the movie would work better with younger men playing Rannulph Junuh and Bagger Vance.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (9/10)


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