Victory at Entebbe (1976)

“I’m not excited. I took a Valium. The woman is still a Nazi.” – Etta Grossman-Wise

Number of Times Seen – At least twice (TV in the 90’s and 17 Jun 2018)

Brief Synopsis – After a plane is hijacked enroute from Athens to Paris, the decision must be made as to whether to concede to the terrorist demands or find a way to rescue the hostages.

My Take on it – This was the second made for TV movie about the events of the hijacking to be made and they tell the story in a very simple fashion which goes to show how rushed the production of the film was.

Like most great TV movies in the 70’s and 80’s, it’s filled with so many famous actors that there isn’t enough room for any of them to do much.

Kirk Douglas and Elisabeth Taylor for instance are listed on the poster as part of the cats yet both ave mere minutes of screentime in this film and they seem much more like cameos than anything else.

I personally got a laugh out of seeing Anthony Hopkins play Itzhak Rabin because there is no attempt at all to try and make the two men seem to have any similarities both physically and with mannerisms.

Despite the fact that they seem to get the story right (which in and of itself is impressive since they made this film less than 6 months after the actual events), it’s easy to see that this is a very low budget production which takes away from the impact of such a story.

This is bearable to watch even if it isn’t the best version of the story on film.

Bottom Line – Tells the story in a simple way that shows how rushed the production of this film was. The star studded cast is filled with amazing actors, but most have very little to nothing to do and seem more like cameos than part of the story. Hopkins as Rabin is a bit humorous because there is no similarities between them at all. The fact that it is easy to tell how much of a low budget film this was takes away from the impact despite the fact that it’s clear hat they got most of the story right which is impressive given the fact that it came out less than 6 months after the actual events happened.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – On the one sheet poster for ” Victory at Entebbe “, headshots of the main cast are shown alphabically on the bottom of the poster. However Julius Harris ‘s photo is placed between Linda Blair and Kirk Douglas. This had obviously been originally the slot for Godfrey Cambridge, and it must have been too late to change the artwork. Cambridge died on November 26th 1976, a mere fortnight before it was screened on ABC, and barely a month before it received an international theatrical release. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (6/10)


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