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For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Political Thrillers, here’s a review of A Few Good Men (1992) by Darren of Movie Reviews 101

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Let’s see what Darren thought of this movie:


A Few Good Men (1992)

Directed by Rob Reiner

Written by Aaron Sorkin

Starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore

The film follows military lawyer that must defend Marines accused of murder they contend they were acting under orders.

When it comes to political thrillers, I have found myself enjoying nearly all of them, waiting to see who was involved, why and how etc. for me the best of all of these is one of my favourite films of all time ‘A Few Good Men’. We know the iconic scene ‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’ and sure it is the biggest highlight of the film.

The film stands up to a new level when you watch how the investigation unfolds, with marines having different stories to the events, LT Daniel Kaffee is the rule breaker that is top of his class without being the hardest worker with his natural ability being the reason why he is the best man for the job.

The moment Jack Nicholson arrives on the scene we get the film reaching the final we needed, showing that amongst the superstars he is the elite of the cast. We have Kevin bacon, Keifer Sutherland, Christopher Guest to mention a few in the supporting roles too.

This is a film that grasps you early on and makes you want to watch until the end and you won’t be disappointed.

My rating 10/10

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