Favorite Foursome Blogathon – The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

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” Oh no! Frodo… Mr. Frodo, wake up… Don’t leave me here alone. Don’t go where I can’t follow… Wake up.” – Sam

Number of Times Seen – At least 10 times (In theater on opening night, DVD, 2 Mar 2014) and 4 Jul 2018)

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Brief Synopsis – The various races of Middle Earth must band together in order to try and save their world from the coming evil as Sam and Frodo continue their perilous journey to destroy the One Ring.

My Take on it – This is a film that many of us waited two years for finally see since it composed the finale of the epic trilogy.

They do a wonderful job clobbering us with scenes that just get better and better as the storyline moves along raising the bar higher and higher for such an epic storyline.

The way that they portray the battles of Middle Earth are amazingly breathtaking due to the large scale of it all which is mostly due to superb special effects.

The characters from the previous two films continue their own personal arcs as they all lead to a grand finale.

The Four Hobbits (Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin) are all still the best characters of the trilogy and the choice the split them up even more in this film was a very wise one because it once again helps to show their uniqueness and their true importance to the overall storyline along with their personal destinies along the way.

The special effects are amazing and help make this film feel even more realistic despite the fact that it’s a fantasy film.

My favorite scene in the film is the bonfire warning system because it is amazing to watch and is also quite emotional in what it represents.

This film became the first Best Picture Winner to sweep every category it was nominated for and tied the record for most wins by a film at 11.

These wins are not only a vote for the film itself, but the entire trilogy and the fact that genre finally was able to breakout and win is an amazing feat in and of itself since very few believed it could happen.

Bottom Line – Amazing conclusion to this epic trilogy that keeps clobbering us with more and more amazing scenes as it moves along. The battles are breathtaking to watch largely due to the enormity of it all. The characters all continue their personal arcs as the story heads for the ultimate climax here. The Hobbits are stioll the best characters and the choice to split them up even more in this film was a wise choice because it shows how each of their destinies are unique. The special effects are superbly created for this film. My favorite scene is the bonfire warning system with is so emotional to watch unfold. This film deservingly became the first Best Picture film to have a clean sweep at the Oscars and win its 11 nominations which in turn is more of a win for the entire trilogy along with a win for genre that no one believed could ever happen.  Amazing film all around.  Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The Lord of the Rings trilogy became the most nominated film series in Academy Award history with thirty nominations, surpassing both the Godfather trilogy (twenty-eight) and the Star Wars franchise (twenty-one). (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10)


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