The David Lean Blogathon – Summertime (1955)

This is the second of two posts dedicated to the The David Lean Blogathon being held over at Maddy Loves Her Classic Films

Tnx Maddy for letting me take part!

“You are like a hungry child who is given ravioli to eat. ‘No’ you say, ‘I want beefsteak!’ My dear girl, you are hungry. Eat the ravioli. ” – Renato de Rossi

Number of Times Seen – 1 (17 Jul 2018)

Brief Synopsis – A single middle aged American woman travel to Venice for a vacation and gets much more than she expected when she falls in love.

My Take on it – This is another David Lean film that I had never heard of before choosing it for this blogathon.

The story has a very interesting premise that is presented quiet well and it feels as if this film’s idea has been copied so many times over the 60+ years since this film was made.

Katherine Hepbun is great in the lead role and she was deservingly nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for this role.

She is able to make us believe that her character is a real person and we get to see how she acts and reacts when she is faced with new experiences that are both within her own comfort zine and those without.

The choice to have her character meet up with other American tourists who act in usual stereotypical fashion helps make Hepburn’s character stand out even more.

The camera work in this film is superb and we get some great shots of the landscapes of Venice both during the night and during the day which gives much life to the city itself as a character in the film.

Lean was deservingly nominated for Best Director for this film despite it being far from his best whcih was yet to come…

Bottom Line – Interesting film with a good premise that has been used and re-used so many times over the 60+ years since this film came out. Hepburn is great in this role and was quite deserving of her Oscar nomination for Best Actress for it.  She makes us believe that this is a real person as she experiences things within and slightly outside of her own comfort zone.  Liked the way that she meets up with other tourists who are stereotypical tourists which helps us see her character in such a better light.  The cinematography is superbly done and we get some amazing shots of Venice at both night and day.  Lean directs this film extremely well and was very deserving of his Oscar nomination for Best Director for this. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When Katharine Hepburn filmed the scene where she falls into the canal, one of her eyes became infected. That infection stayed with her for the rest of her life. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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9 thoughts on “The David Lean Blogathon – Summertime (1955)

  1. This is a very romantic, sometimes quite erotic, film that was extremely well made and acted. I’m not a huge Hepburn fan and I loved her in this role. She showed such raw emotion and vulnerability. As for Rossano Brazzi, he was impossibly gorgeous in this film. This was David Lean’s favourite film of his own and it is easy to see why.

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  3. I love this film so much. Watching this is the closest I’ll come to visiting Venice, watching this is like you are really there walking alongside the canals. The photography and locations are stunning and the romance feels very real and awkward at times. Thanks so much for joining.

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    • yea, ill prob never get there either…not much of a world traveler, but yes the photography is great.

      Always a pleasure to join blogathon…I just need to find out abt them and I’m usually willing to partake!

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