Barrymore Blogathon – The Farmer’s Daughter (1947)

This is the last of three posts dedicated to the Fourth Annual Barrymore Blogathon being held over at In The Good Old Days of Hollywood. Tnx Crystal for letting me take part!

“[addressing a large political convention] And I tell you, in every son of lan on fasfaloose, you will find histerec of abalac populashous. [crowd cheers wildly]” – Eckers

Number of Times Seen – 1 (9 Aug 2018)

Brief Synopsis – A young farm girl decides to leave her family farm and gets involved in the ongoings of a popular and prominent political family.

My Take on it – For my fial choice for this blogathon, I wanted to find a film starring Ethel Barrymore and I have been quite interested in seeing this film for quite some time.

The idea presented here is actually quite fascinating and interesting yet I doubt that it would work as well today as it did when it was made.

Loretta Young was able to win an Oscar for her performance here and she was quite deserving of it due to the great arc that her character has over the course of the film.

Joseph Cotton and Ethel Barrymore both also give great performances in important roles.

This film does a great job showing the way politics were run back in the 40’s but things have changed so much over the years that it isn’t the kind of thing that would translate so well for today’s audiences.

Bottom Line – Interesting idea that probably wouldn’t work very well today but due to the standards of the world at the time comes across quite well. Young deservingly won an Oscar for her performance here because she was able to show such a great character arc over the course of the story. Cotton and Barrymore are also quite intriguing here in very important roles.  Politics was a whole different game back in the 40’s than it is now and that aspect also wouldn’t translate as well due to the various changes over the past 70 years. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In this movie, Katrin Holstrom (Loretta Young) reads the story of the townsfolk who place their beloved doctor’s office shingle as a monument on his tomb: “Dr. Sorensen: Upstairs”. Essentially the same scene occurred in Dreaming Out Loud (1940), where Lum and Abner place the “Dr. Walter Barnes: Office Upstairs” shingle on the doctor’s tomb.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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