The Fred MacMurray Blogathon – Kisses For My President (1964)

This is the first of two posts dedicated to the Fred MacMurray Blogathon being held over at Phyllis Loves Classic Movies.

Tnx Phyl for letting me take part!

“What is he crazy? The only thing I know about foreign relations is my uncle who lives up in Canada.” – Thaddius McCloud

Number of Times Seen – 1 (26 Aug 2018)

Brief Synopsis – The life of the husband of the newly elected President isn’t as simple as he thought when he finds that he has little to do all day.

My Take on it – When seeking a film to watch and review for this blogathon, I came across this one and the premise itself intrigued me very much.

The idea of a female President only became relevant in US Politics when Geraldine Ferraro was nominated for Vice President in 1984.

Since then, there ave been numerous female candidates, but none obviously can compare to the effort made by Hilary Clinton just two years ago to get such a position.

This film tries to look at this kind of scenario from the perspective of the 60’s and works really well since it knows how to mix humoristic situations with dramatic ones in order to give us a look at the potential for the White House if a woman won the top position and it does all this without losing any of its credibility along the way.

Polly Bergen is quite good as the newly elected female President and she comes across as very Presidential in many scenes but her ole is a supporting one and the main focus of the film is on her husband played by Fred MacMurray.

This film brings up some great ideas when dealing with the spousal role reversal and they leave the viewer with so much to think about.

Besides showing the life of the President’s husband, this film also allows us to gain some insight on the way the children of the President might act; whether it be rebellious or figuring out clever ways to use the new found First Family status to their advantage.

This was a pleasant surprise and I’m so glad that I got a chance to see this little known film.

Bottom Line – Great film that manages to combine both political drama and humoristic situations without losing its credibility. MacMurray is great in the lead role and works really well in such a role.  Many of the issues brought up here are great because they try to show what a gender role reversal would do on both spouses.  We also get a great look at how the children of the President might act when given the chance to either be rebellious or use their new-found status to their advantage.  Despite the fact that this film largely focuses on MacMurray’s character, Bergen is great in a supporting role as his wife (The President) and she definitely comes across as being quite Presidential in all that she does. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – According to early publicity announced prior to JFK assassination, Polly Bergen’s wardrobe for the role as first female president of the US was to have been designed by Oleg Cassini, favorite couturier of then-First Lady Jackie Kennedy. For whatever reason, costumes were ultimately designed by Howard Shoup, who received an Oscar nomination for his work. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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