Did They Get it Right? – Best Director – Oscars 1986

Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

Woody Allen (Hannah and her Sisters)
James Ivory (A Room with a View)
Roland Joffé (The Mission)
David Lynch (Blue Velvet)
Oliver Stone (Platoon)

Biggest Snub:

Rob Reiner – Stand By Me

My Overall Thoughts:

This is another year where one of the director led the pack from the beginning and managed to expand the gap to such a point where it was no surprise as to who would win on Oscar night

My Rankings:


5. David Lynch 
4. James Ivory 
3. Roland Joffé
2. Woody Allen 
1. Oliver Stone


5. Blue VelvetOnce again, Lynch proves how strange his movies can be. Like the previous films of his that Ive seen, this one was too esoteric for me and I still can’t understand most of what happens because the narrative isn’t interesting enough because it is meant to be understood more on a existential plane. The one thing that I did like about this film was the music and I’m having trouble getting the title song out of my mind despite the fact that this is yet another Lynch film that I’d like to soon forget.
4. A Room with a ViewMoved too slowly for me and I had trouble with the way the story is being told despite it being an interesting story. The performances and production itself are excellent tho and I can understand how this film could get 8 Oscar nominations (including 3 wins for writing, art direction and costumes). The cast is great with so many well-known British actors taking part in this film. Perhaps it’s an easier film to enjoy if you have read the book it was based on.
3. Hannah and her SistersAllen is brilliant here and creates such vivid and realistic characters. The dialogue is superbly written and I loved the fluid interactions between the characters. As always, the cast is expertly chosen with Wiest and Caine winning Oscars for their work. Really connected with the characters and wished I could spend more time with them.
2. The MissionGreat story that is told quite well. Irons and De Niro are both great in their roles despite the way that they both see the world is so different. The cinematography is beautifully filmed and the way that they are able to take us back to a time when the Jungle was more pure is great to absorb. The way that this handles both the political and religious aspects of the time is done exceptionally well in order for the audience to almost fully understand the politics of the time. Nominated for 7 Oscars, but only managed to win for Best Cinematography.
1. Platoon Excellent depiction of war both internally and externally. Amazing characters make us care so much about most of them and what will happen. Obviously this probably didn’t all really happen, but it shows a good all around view of Vietnam. One of the best war movies ever made because it is so emotionally engaging and wants us to take sides in battles from which there will never be a real winner. Shows very bravely that not every decision made by US Soldiers were the right ones during that deadly and confusing war.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Most Definitely!  Stone does an amazing job here and there is no question that this film and its director deserved top honors this year. None of the other nominees even come close to being as powerful.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

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