Jack the Ripper Blogathon – Jack’s Back (1988)

This is the a posts dedicated to the The Jack the Ripper Blogathon being held over at Red-Jack

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“[dressing the old woman’s hand wound] “You free Saturday night?” ” – John

Number of Times Seen – 1 (4 Sep 2018)

Brief Synopsis – Following a string of murders in LA by a serial killer copying Jack the Ripper, a young doctor becomes the main suspect

My Take on it – For my entry into this blogathon, I chose a modern day version of the Jack the Ripper storyline.

There are some great ways to adapt this story to modern times using modern technology, yet they seem to ruin every attempt to do so here.

There is a great story buried deep within this film’s plot yet one wouldn’t know that by just looking at what happens on the surface.

Most of the way that this story is presented comes across as being quite boring, uninspiring and un-thrilling which is quite a shame.

The plot doesn’t move along in a very fluid manner and feels a bit too choppy and forced throughout.

The story begins well, but about half way through things happen that make us lose interest in the characters.

James Spader is quite good in this film and his acting abilities are quite apparent by the way he tackles the role he must play and it’s easy to see his potential future talent.

Bottom Line – Very boring take on the Jack the Ripper storyline. There are much better ways to adapt this idea to the modern word and they mess up just about all of the one’s they try to use. The plot itself doesn’t move fluidly and doesn’t make us care about the characters already at the half way point. Spader is quite good in the lead role and manages to show his potential for being an actor with lots of talent. The story isn’t paced well and it could have been told in a much more interesting fashion.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Director Rowdy Harrington originally wanted the movie to be titled “Red Rain” and Peter Gabriel’s song of the same name was meant to play at the opening credits. Since this was a low budget film, he couldn’t get the rights to the song, so he hired Paul Saax to compose the song “Red Harvest” instead. Shortly before the movie release, the studio felt that the title “Red Rain” had no relation to the plot so they decided to change to a more appealing title, “Jack’s Back”.  (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (5/10)


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