The Meg (2018)

“[to himself while swimming out to the shark] Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” – Jonas

Number of Times Seen – 1 (27 Sep 2018)

Brief Synopsis – A research team doing a deep sea dive in the Pacific encounters an unknown creature that could be a thought to be extinct shark that is more than 70 feet long.

My Take on it –  have never been a fan of horror films and had no desire to see this film when I first heard about a few months ago.

I know it is based on a book (and subsequently, a series of books), yet I knew that no matter how good they could make this film, it wouldn’t be as exciting and thrilling as Jaws (1975) and I even suspected that it would feature much more gore.

Thankfully, for me, this film isn’t really a horror film and they keep the dismemberments to a minimum while still showing how much havoc a creature like this could possibly cause.

The story and character development is quite simply done and they really leave no surprises in those elements of the film because the goal was just to make a thrilling monster film without needing to find anything unique for the story besides the kind of creature.

Jason Staham is quite good in the lead and he also doesn’t do anything unexpected throughout.

Despite the fact that this film doesn’t manage to keep the level of suspense high, they still are able to keep the pacing quite good in order to have constant momentum while still keeping things fun the whole time.

This story could have been ruined by very complex scientific explanations, but they wisely chose to stay clear of those and keep things quite simple and never spend too much time trying to go into much detail about the technical aspects of things.

I’m actually quite curious if the novel manages to keep things more suspenseful.

Bottom Line – Fun film that gives us exactly what we want. The gore isn’t that graphic but we do get to see how much havoc a creature like this could make. Statham is quite good in the lead even though, once again there isn’t much that surprises in this film both in storyline and character development. This film doesn’t manage to keep up much suspense but still remains quite enjoyable the whole time. They keep the scientific explanation simple for us laymen and we don’t get bogged down by extensive explanations which helps things more quite smoothly. I wonder of the book is more suspenseful. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In the book, the megalodons are pure white, almost luminescent, from living in an environment with virtually no light. This coloring proved too difficult to render in CGI while still looking realistic, so the megalodons were colored like great white sharks.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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2 thoughts on “The Meg (2018)

  1. Statham’s a stiff and this movie’s a turd. As I watched it – I was rewriting the ending – using what they already had and making it better. Bad writing. Bad acting. Bad movie. Other than having a shark in it – it shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as JAWS or even The Shallows.


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