Batman Ninja (2018)

“Isn’t a gorilla eating a banana a little cliche?” – Catwoman

“Says the cat burglar wearing a cat costume.” – Gorilla Grodd

Number of Times Seen – 1 (14 Oct 2018)

Brief Synopsis – Batman, along with his allies and foes are transported back in time to Feudal Japan and must fight each other using ancient weapons while they try to find a way back to the present day.

My Take on it – The concept of transplanting superheroes in various time periods in an interesting one but the choice to place Batman and co in Feudal Japan just doesn’t seem to work well enough here as one would hope.

The first half of the film is more satisfying than the latter half largely due to the fact that the novelty of the idea wears off pretty quickly.

The animation of the characters and landscapes are done in a method that looks close to anime rather than the usual superhero animation.

This, on the one hand makes the time period and location seem more realistic but it takes away much from the superhero/Batman feeling which hurts this film more than not.

The choice to try and find a way to bring so many of the characters from the Batman-verse back in time also hurts this film because it makes it lose much of its uniqueness since it’s basically a poor Batman story with all of his friends and foes appearing with the only change being the local; from Gotham to ancient Japan.

Bottom Line – Interesting concept that just doesn’t really work as well as one would hope. The first half of the film works better than the latter part because the novelty wears off quite quickly.  I like the idea of having superheroes in alternate time periods but something just doesn’t work well enough with this one. The animation looks too similar to anime instead of the usual super hero animation which on the one hand helps with the time period but takes away from the feeling that this is a Batman storyline.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When Robin plays the flute with the two little monkeys in an attempt to take down the Joker, the tune is the opening part of the theme from Batman (1966) (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (5/10)


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