Cliffhanger (1993) – Encore Review

“You’re not gonna die.” – Gabe

Number of Times Seen – Too many times to count – (Theater in 1994, cable, video, Dvd, 28 Jul 2015 and 17 Oct 2018)

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Brief Synopsis – A US Treasury plane is hijacked by terrorists and crashes in the Rocky Mountains where they take two park rangers hostage to help them recover the lost suitcases of money.

My Take on it – There have been many films that have tried to follow the idea of Die Hard (1988) where its one man against many terrorists and most of them fail completely in trying to achieve something as fun and as thrilling as the way that Bruce Willis deals with the threat at the Nakatomi Plaza.

This one actually comes quite close where it pits Sylvester Stallone against a group of terrorists led by a very over the top John Lithgow as they search for suitcases of money in the Rocky Mountains.

The story works quite well and the manage to keep things very interesting as things move along.

Lithgow keeps his character somewhat intriguing despite the silly accent that he uses here.

This film has various subplots dealing with infighting between the different factions while serves to help develop the characters more deeply so that we can praise the heroes and loathe the villains even more as things more along.

The score by Trevor Jones is superb and helps keep things thrilling as the tension continues to rise.

Besides Stallone and Lithgow, the supporting cast is also great with Janine Turner, Michael Rooker and Ralph Waite doing nice jobs with their characters in order to make them feel and seem real.

This film has some amazing action scenes that work so well with the story and keep things on edge the whole time.

The story is paced really well and it truly is non-stop the whole way through.

This is the kind of film that is best viewed in the theater, but still works extremely well on any other screen.

The storyline stays innovative and fun and works on numerous levels.

I can watch this film over and over and always enjoy the adrenaline rush it gives each and every time.

Bottom Line – Excellent Die Hard-esque film that pits Stallone against the terrorist in the coldness of the Rocky Mountains. The story works quite well and remains thrilling throughout. Lithgow is a bit over the top as the lead terrorist but still manages to make things interesting. The various subplots dealing with the in-fighting between various members of multiple groups helps develop he characters a bit more so that we get to praise the heroes and loathe the villains even more as things move along. The score by Trevor Jones is superb and helps raise the tension of the story.  The supporting cast led by Waite, Turner and Rooker help keep things intriguing.  The action sequences are great and keep things at a fast pace as the story moves along.  This is probably best to watch on the big screen but still works really well out of the theater too.  The storyline is quite innovative and works on numerous levels. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In the original cut, shown to test audiences, there was a forty-foot jump from one cliff to another that Gabriel Walker (Sylvester Stallone) performs. This scene appears in the theatrical trailers to the film. It was cut because test audiences laughed out loud when they saw it, and thought it was totally impossible. The clip of the jump was redone and used for a shorter jump off a cliff near the end of the film, using computer graphics and special effects. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10) (no change from original review)


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