Rambo (2008)

“[while aiming an arrow at Lewis’ eye] Any of you boys want to shoot, now’s the time. There isn’t one of us that doesn’t want to be someplace else. But this is what we do, who we are. Live for nothing, or die for something. Your call. ” – John Rambo

Number of Times Seen – 1 (21 Oct 2018)

Brief Synopsis – While living in the Far East, John Rambo is hired to take a group of missionaries into a dangerous area in order to bring much needed medical supplies and food to the local population.

My Take on it – I am once again quite disappointed with yet another Rambo film.

This film seems to have been made solely for the purpose of the ability to churn out as many bloody deaths and dismemberments as possible to the point of ridiculous.

Sylvester Stallone is Rambo, but he looks too geriatric in this film for it to be effective enough.

It’s actually quite comical watching him still try t play the character as if he was a twenty year old instead of a 60 year old.

The premise itself actually has some merit to it, but overall it relies too heavily on ideas and cliches that have been used and reused in so many other films.

This all seems like a small ploy to try and reach a minimal 90 minute runtime which they barely pass.

I must admit that it’s a bit disheartening to know that even after this film, they still plan to make yet another film in the franchise which takes place a decade after this one, so I guess we’ll all soon get to see what Rambo can do while he’s in a nursing home.

Bottom Line – Another terrible Rambo film that is just made for the idea of being able to churn out as many bloody deaths and dismemberments as possible. Stallone looks too old for this role and is quite comical to watch him still play the action hero at his age. The premise has a bit of merit to it, but overall, it relies too heavily on cliches and ideas from other films in order to even try and reach a normal runtime of 90 minutes (which they barely do). It’s a bit disheartening to know that yet another sequel to this franchise is in the works, because there isn’t much Rambo can do from a nursing home.. or is there?

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Rambo was banned in Myanmar (formally Burma), and bootlegs are a hot item. Burmese Freedom Fighters have even adopted dialogue from the movie as battle cries, most notably “Live for nothing, or die for something.” Sylvester Stallone said “That, to me, is one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had in film.” (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (3/10)


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