Genre Grandeur – Teenage Zombies (1960) – Midnite Drive-In

For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Zombie Films, here’s a review of Teenage Zombies (1960) by Quiggy of The Midnite Drive-In

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Let’s see what Quiggy thought of this movie:


Teenage Zombies (1960)


This second movie, Teenage Zombies, is on many lists as being among the worst movies of all time.  Although I think its a stretch calling it a movie.  It’s only 70 minutes long.  If you took all the purloined stock footage out of it.  It would be about 65 minutes long.  And then there are 3 separate scenes involving a search (the teenagers on the island searching for their boat…twice and the sheriff and one of the other teenagers searching for the rest of the teenagers) each of which is about 3-5 minutes long.  Now we are talking about a 45 minute film.  That’s like an hour long TV show with commercials.  Except the commercials would be more interesting than the show…


The movie starts with some teenagers in a malt shoppe discussing what they want to do for the afternoon.  Two couples want to go water-skiing, while the third couple has committed to horseback riding.  After agreeing to meet later the couples go their separate ways.  The two couples who went water-skiing  find a strange island they want to investigate.  Upon seeing a strange woman with a bunch of lumbering men who freak them out they go back to where their boat was, but its not there.  Thus instigating one of those interminable search scenes.


The girls get tired, so they stop to rest while the boys continue the search.  But the girls disappear.  The boys find a house operated by the woman they saw earlier, and shortly become prisoners of the woman, along with the girls who were captured earlier.  The other pair, who went horseback riding decide to go looking for their friends and find the same island and same woman who tells them “nobody comes to the island” but as they leave they see two strange men pull up to the island.


There’s very little more to this bizarre but trivial movie.  The woman is in cahoots with the men (from the East, probably Russia) who are trying to develop a pill or a gas to turn everyone in the United States into docile zombie slaves.  More or less, a hypnotic trance from which they can never be brought out of.  Its up to the teenagers to foil the plot.


This movie is so bad, I couldn’t even locate any stills from the movie to augment this section of the review.  It won’t petrify your brain to watch it, but you’ll wonder later what happened to that lost hour.  Fast forward through the search scenes and it will only seem like an hour, though…


That’s it from the backseat of the Plymouth Fury, this time, kiddies.  Drive safely going home.




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