The Wife (2017)

“I am a kingmaker.” – Joan Castleman

Number of Times Seen – 1 (4 Nov 2018)

Brief Synopsis – After it is announced that her husband has wn the Pulitzer Prize in Literature, his wife tries to deal with the ripple effects of such an award.

My Take on it – This film has an interesting premise that is dragge don too much in the film.

They allude to numerous things along the way but until it reaches it’s point, things get a bot on the boring side.

Glenn Close is quite good in the lead role here and we get a clear idea of what kind of life her character has gone through and what her feelings are about it all.

There is little doubt that she won’t be among those actresses chosen to reap numerous nominations for this role, but I’m not sure if it’s powerful enough to win any of those awards.

The story uses flashback scenes quite well in order to help develop the characters more but throughout there is still a feeling as if something is missing along the way.

Jonathan Pryce and Christian Slater are both talented actors, but they feel quite wasted here in these roles because the story is build to focus solely on Close.

This is the kind of story that should be much more impactful than it actually is and that makes things even more disappointing as the story drags on.

Bottom Line – Interesting idea that drags on too much to the point of borderline boring. Close is quite good in the lead role and we get a clear impression of her feelings as the story progresses. She will probably garner numerous nominations for this performance despite the fact that it might not be enough of an impact role for her to actually win. The flashbacks are quite helpful in developing the characters more, but something still feels missing that would have made this story more impactful than it is.  Slater and Pryce feel very underused in an attempt to keep the spotlight on Close’s character throughout.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Although the film was screened at film festivals in 2017 (and subsequently acquired for distribution), it was rumored to have been held for release until 2018 in order to give Glenn Close a better shot at an Oscar nomination. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (5/10)


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