Frenzy (1972)

“Don’t forget, Bob’s your uncle.” – Robert Rusk

Number of Times Seen – 1 (11 Nov 2018)

Brief Synopsis – When a serial rapist and killer is on the loose in London, a man feels the world closing in on him when all of the clues point to him despite the fact that he knows he is innocent and must find a way to prove it.

My Take on it – In my quest to eventually watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s films and review them, I finally reached my penultimate film which also turned out to be his penultimate film.

I had never seen this film before and was quite intrigued by the way that the plot seems like a modern day Jack the Ripper case with the usual Hitchcockian twists thrown in for good measure.

He is able to take a simple thriller storyline and keep it interesting throughout by the use of some great techniques that add to the thrills the whole way through.

I liked the way that he allows the audience to know the truth about the murderer almost throughout the entire film yet makes sure that we can also see how the authorities can believe that they are chasing the right man despite our knowledge of his innocence.

Hitchcock does a great job constantly fooling us via some great twists and turns along the way which show how adept he truly was at making thrillers like this one.

He is able to keep things gripping throughout which helps keep things so enjoyable because you truly never know what will happen in the end.

Bottom Line – Hitchcock does it again. He manages to take a simple thriller storyline and make it even more interesting. The way that the story moves along is great and even though, the audience knows the truth, we can see easily why the authorities are looking in the wrong places. Hitchcock allows us to be fooled numerous times by parts of the storyline as he adds in some nice twists and turns along the way to a very tense yet satisfying plot line. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter Patricia Hitchcock found this film so disturbing that she would not allow her children to see it for many years. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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2 thoughts on “Frenzy (1972)

  1. Agree with you on this one. Hitchcock also went with unknown actors in all the roles (after being turned down by a few “name” actors who found the plot revolting) probably making each more believable in the bargain – and it was his only movie featuring nudity. Although, he was prevented from using any back in the day by the film standards of the time – and had wanted to use it in the opening of PSYCHO. I was lucky enough to see this film while I was a film school – on the night that Mr. Hitchcock accompanied the movie to our class. Watched it with us (signed a book for me) and then did a Q&A afterwards. He did the same with his final film – Family Plot – a couple years later.


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