Did They Get it Right? – Best Supporting Actor – Oscars 2001

Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

Jim Broadbent (Iris) 
Ethan Hawke (Training Day)
Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast)
Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)
Jon Voight (Ali)

Biggest Snub:

Hayden Christensen – Life as a House

My Overall Thoughts:

This was a year with some great nominees with one taking an early lead that he managed to hold on to throughout the Awards season.

My Rankings:

Supporting Actor

5. Ethan Hawke
4. Ben Kingsley
3. Jon Voight
2. Ian McKellen
1. Jim Broadbent


5. AliPretty boring biopic that doesn’t work at all. Smith does a poor impression of Ali and the film seems more like its trying to be provocative than intriguing. Voight is the best part of the film and stands out as the famous Howard Cosell. The story is a bit too long and drags on way too much along the way.  The story jumps too often in time and doesn’t manage to stay focused enough which also hurts the way that such a film can be perceived.
4. Sexy BeastKingsley is viciously brilliant in this very mediocre film. The storyline itself generally follows the usually flow of things in this kind of film and doesn’t manage to offer us anything really new or innovative in the plot structure. Kingsley plays his role superbly despite being very against type for him and its understandable how he could get multiple nominations for supporting actor for this role including at the Oscars. See this film solely for his performance and disregard the rest of the nonsense in this film.
3. Training DayInteresting and gripping story of undercover police work and how it affects those on assignment. Washington is excellent here and was deserving of his best actor Oscar for this role. Movie isn’t perfect but still enjoyable.
2. IrisGreat biopic that shows us who these people really were warts and all. All 4 lead actors are great. It’s the kind of movie that makes you wish it were longer because the characters (young and old) are all so good. Broadbent truly deserved his Oscar for this role.
1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingAmazing film that does a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life on screen. The story is quite epic and despite only being the first part of three films, it does an amazing job giving us the background of the overall story along with developing the characters perfectly. The 4 Hobbits are by far the best of the characters and bring so much to the story since each of the 4 is quite diverse in personality. The special effects of this film are superbly created and they deservingly won 4 Technical Oscars (of the 12 they were nominated for. This still remains my favorite of the trilogy even if a case can be made successfully for each of the films.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Most Definitely!  As much as I would have liked IM to have won, there is no question that JB gave such a powerful performance here as a man who tries to hold on to love even when his wife npo longer recognizes him due to her illness.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

Let me Know what you think!!

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