Source Code (2011) – Encore Review 2

“[about the Source Code program] The program wasn’t designed to alter the past. It was designed to affect the future. ” – Collen Goodwin

Number of Times Seen – 4 (13 Jul 2011, 25 Nov 2013, 25 Oct 2015 and 14 Nov 2018)

Link to original reviewHere and Here

Brief Synopsis – A man wakes up on a train in somebody else’s body and discovers that he has been put there in order to try and stop a bomb from exploding on the train.

My Take on it – This is a film that I have loved every since I came across it by accident not long after it came out.

The concept is quite unique and is able to work on numerous levels throughout.

The casting of Jake Gylenhaal in the lead was a bold and perfect choice, since he is able to play this role in such a gut wrenching realistic fashion.

He is able to show a vast range of emotions for his character as he tries to understand and come to grips with all that is occurring around him.

The sci-fi aspect of this film is done really well and they are able to give us so much to ponder about long after the credits roll.

The most prevalent of these ideas is the one that is may be possible to use the past in order to affect the future since everything is constantly in motion.

Having been a Huge fan of the TV show Quantum Leap for 30 years, I must admit that I love the way that they both use similar concepts about time travel.

The added bonus of a cameo by Dr. Sam Beckett himself – Scott Bakula is a real treat to her (it’s just a voice cameo).

The pacing is nearly perfect here and even with a short run time of just slightly over 90 minutes, they manage to constantly raise the level of suspense while keeping things gripping throughout.

Bottom Line – Amazing concept that works on so many different levels. Gylenhaal is superb in the title role and manages to give us such a range of emotions as his character tries to understand what is truly transpiring around him. The sci-fi aspect of this film is done extremely well and it gives us so much to ponder about the concept of time and how we can possibly use the past to help in the future.  Being a HUGE fan of the TV show Quantum Leap, I loved the way that this concept is similar and also even gives us a small cameo of Dr. Sam Beckett himself, Scott Bakula. Paced amazingly well and even at a brisk 93 minutes, the viewer is glued to their seat the entire time due to the suspense and tension that is built up with this concept. Highly Highly Recommended

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Features a voice cameo by Scott Bakula who is the voice of Colter’s father. Bakula starts off his phone conversation by saying “Oh Boy”. That was his trademark line from Quantum Leap (1989), which has a similar plot to this film. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10) (no change from original review)


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