Mr. Saturday Night (1992)

“Buddy, my whole life I listened to ya’ bellyache about your luck. Well, you are where you are because of who you are.” – Stan

Number of Times Seen – Twice (Cable in the 90’s and 17 Nov 2018)

Brief Synopsis – The life of comic Buddy Young Jr. is told via flashbacks as he looks back at his successes and failures in life and comedy.

My Take on it – Billy Crystal has always been a great actor and in this film he is able to how how great and actor and comic he ca be as he takes on such a challenging role.

He manages to get the tone just perfect for this bitter character who looks back on his life and still yearns for more than he ever got.

The biggest problem with this film is that it tries too hard to cover such a vast number of years that it comes across as choppy because it doesn’t have enough time to spend on each period of time being shown.

David Paymer is great as Crystal’s brother/manager who puts up with him over the years through thick and thin.

He was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for this role.

This film has some great jokes, most notably the “bread” scene, but overall it’s quite lacking and comes across as being just average instead of anything more.

Bottom Line – Crystal is amazing in this role and manages to get the tone of a bitter comic looking back at his life of comedy really well. The story itself tho doesn’t flow very well and is way too choppy because they try to tell things in too wide a scope.  Paymer is also great as Crystal’s brother/manager who puts up with it all over the years.  He got an Oscar nomination for Best Support Actor for this role. Has some great jokes but overall comes across as being just an average story.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – There is one scene where Buddy Young, Jr. is watching Your Show of Shows (1950) starring Sid Caesar and wincing. Ironically, Billy Crystal has cited Sid Caesar for his reason wanting to get into comedy. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (5/10)


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