Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007)

“That guy with the video camera is fired.” – Carson Clay

Number of Times Seen – 1 (26 Nov 2018)

Brief Synopsis – Mr. Bean wins a trip to France and experiences many zany adventures on his way there.

My Take on it – I have always been a fan of slapstick comedy and always enjoy watching some of the greats do their stuff on screen like Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd.

Rowen Atkinson’s character of Mr. Bean is a perfect companion to those great comedians because he is able to take modern situations and give us some very humorous antics that are so relatable to most of us.

AS always, he is superb in this film as the title character and manages to do some really funny things.

The problem here tho is the fact that there is no coherent storyline to follow and the plot is a complete mess.

The slapstick aspects work quite well largely due to the physical humor that is so common with the character of Bean.

The minimal use of dialogue also works in order to give us more of a silent movie feel to it which is reminiscent of the greats like Chaplin and Lloyd.

This film would have worked much better as short vignettes instead of trying to cobble it all together as one long storyline.

Bottom Line – Atkinson is superb once again in this role but the storyline is a bit tiresome.  The slapstick works largely due to familiarity with the character and his kind of physical humor. The lack of dialogue helps t once again make this kind of story feel more like something Chaplin or Lloyd would have made back in the day but again, the lack of a coherent story is what hurts this a bit.  This would have worked much better as a series of small shorts like most Bean stories.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Rowan Atkinson announced that this film would be the last appearance of the character, Mr. Bean. However he reprised his character on the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games in London 2012, and in an in interview which took place in 2016, Mr. Atkinson stated that he would NEVER retire from the character. However, during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on 5 October 2018, when asked if Mr. Bean would ever reappear, Atkinson said: “I doubt he will ever reappear,” the actor said. “There does come a point when you’ve done all you can. But, never say never.” (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (5/10)


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