Six Weeks (1982)

“I came here when I was 20, a very young person and I was naturalized, which is very painful when I was 2 and I’ve been in the state assembly for six years which is even more painful.” – Patrick Dalton

Number of Times Seen – 1 (10 Dec 2018)

Brief Synopsis – A politician meets the young daughter of a wealthy businesswoman who wants to help him win his campaign for Congress.

My Take on it – This is a film that I recall having seen parts of back when I was a kid on cable, but never saw the whole movie.

The overall premise actually feels more creepy than poignant and I doubt if something like this could be made today since it involves a friendship between a kid and a politician.

The chemistry between the two Moores (Mary Tyler and Dudley) is almost non-existent here and it’s quite hard to believe that they find some kind of connection over the course of the film.

The lack of chemistry hurts any kind of real impact that this story can have.

Katherine Healy is ok as the young girl in the film and she starts off fine, but gets a bit too overbearing as things move along.

This is quite problematic since we are suppose to sympathize wit her character as we learn more and more about her.

Dudley Moore was always better in comedic roles than in dramatic one and this film is further proof of the fact.

This film’s story feels as if its trying too hard to illicit emotion or tears from the way things are being told and the story doesn’t flow well enough to actually warrant it.

Bottom Line – Strange idea that comes across as being more creepy than poignant. The chemistry between Moore and Moore is almost non-existent and that hurts the film from having a real impact.  Healy’s characters starts off fine but gets a bit overbearing during the course of the story even if we are suppose to sympathize with her more as things move along. Moore was always much better in comedies than in serious dramatic roles and this film is further proof of that. Too much of the story feels like it has been added in order to try and illicit emotions or tears and it doesn’t flow well enough due to that fact.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Usually known for being an actor and comedian, Dudley Moore was also a pianist and composer, and this movie was one of the half a dozen films he actually composed the music for.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (4/10)


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