Did They Get it Right? – Best Supporting Actor – Oscars 1977

Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

Mikhail Baryshnikov (The Turning Point)
Peter Firth (Equus)
Alec Guinness (Star Wars)
Jason Robards (Julia)
Maximilian Schell (Julia)

Biggest Snub:

Jackie Gleason – Smokey and the Bandit

My Overall Thoughts:

This was a year with 5 fine performances but none of them were that much better than the other making it a slightly difficult year since there was no real front runner.

My Rankings:

Supporting Actor

5. Mikhail Baryshnikov
4. Maximilian Schell
3. Alec Guinness
2. Peter Firth
1. Jason Robards


4. EquusGreat performances by Burton and Firth in a somewhat mediocre and all to esoteric film. They try too hard to be existential and attempt to find very deep meanings within things that they characters say or do. The story moves along way too slowly and it doesn’t manage to give us any reason to care about either of the main characters or what will happen to them. The allegory is quite blatant the whole way through yet they want the viewer to be mesmerize by all that is happening even if it’s quite difficult because the story just doesn’t work very well since it doesn’t feel believable enough.
3. The Turning PointInteresting film that looks at how people reflect on choices they made in life. I probably would have enjoyed this even more if I was a fan of ballet (which I’m surprisingly not). Bancroft and MacLaine are both great here because we easily get to see how different the paths of two similar lives can take solely depending on each decision.
2. JuliaGripping tale of friendship over danger and the love friends can have even when separated for so long.
1. Star WarsAmazing film that gets better and better every time I see it. The banter between R2D2 and C-3PO is always enjoyable to listen to. The way that the story is played out works so well and it remains such a classic premise that has been copied so often to a lesser effect. Great cast led by largely unknown actors at the time have become so iconic in these roles and have thrilled generations over the 41 years since the film debuted. Guinness is great as the mentor figure and even though some of his scenes seem a bit weird, they still help keep the story moving along throughout. The special effects are superbly done and were extremely groundbreaking at the time and still hold up quite well even with 4 decades of new effects being created ever since. Music by Williams still remains so powerful and iconic and I can listen to it over and over without getting bored of it.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Yes!  The 5 nominees this year are all ok, but Robards was slightly better than the other 4 which helped him make history and become only the second man to win back to back acting Oscars.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

One thought on “Did They Get it Right? – Best Supporting Actor – Oscars 1977

  1. Three previous winners. First Star Wars – ONLY acting nomination for the entire series. A ballet dancer nominated for his first acting role (as a ballet dancer). And two actors nominated from the same film – and one wins. An interesting year.


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