Did They Get it Right? – Best Supporting Actor – Oscars 1959

Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

Hugh Griffith (Ben-Hur)
Arthur O’Connell (Anatomy of a Murder)
George C. Scott (Anatomy of a Murder)
Robert Vaughn (The Young Philadelphians)
Ed Wynn (The Diary of Anne Frank)

Biggest Snub:

Dean Martin – Rio Bravo

My Overall Thoughts:

This is another year with 5 stellar nominees and all give exceptional performances and any could have been worthy of winning.

My Rankings:

Supporting Actor

5. Robert Vaughn
4. George C. Scott
3. Arthur O’Connell
2. Hugh Griffith
1. Ed Wynn


4. The Young PhiladelphiansGreat story that works really well. Newman is superb here and due to his own charisma makes us believe even more the path that his character takes. Loved the way this follows him through many important events and issues in his life in order for us to get a real idea as to what kind of person he truly is. The supporting cast is great and they do a wonderful job of putting together a complex puzzle of information leading to the climax of it all.
3. Anatomy of a MurderPreminger does an amazing job with this story and manages to keep things interesting the entire time. Stewart seems miscast in the lead yet excels in such a role despite this fact. The story might seem simple based on today’s standards, but it was quite ahead of its time back then and was even controversial due to it’s frank discussion of many of the aspects of the trial. Very deserving of its 7 Oscar nomination including Best Picture that yera even if it didn’t manage to win any of them. The musical score is superb. Definitely among the best courtroom drama films.
2. The Diary of Anne FrankExcellent script that gives us the real impression of danger that these people lived in for over two years. Amazing acting by all involved.
1. Ben-HurGreat epic movie, done expertly. Worthy of it’s 11 Oscars.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Yes and No!  HG was very deserving of his win because he does an excellent job with his role but EW was even better in TDoAF and probably should have won.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

2 thoughts on “Did They Get it Right? – Best Supporting Actor – Oscars 1959

  1. Sorry – but Griffith probably won this one in a (deserving) landslide. Can’t prove it, because Academy has never released final vote tallies – but if he didn’t leave the rest of the field in a cloud of dust (behind Judah’s chariot) – I’d be shocked.

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    • That may be so. I do agree that HG was great here, but Wynn was mesmerizing too and even if he didn’t have a chance to win with the juggernaut of BH, he still showed how amazing an actor he can be with this role


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