10 (1979)

“You better take it easy. Pain pills and alcohol don’t mix.” – Police Officer

[laughs] “You could have fooled me.” – George Webber

Number of Times Seen – 1 (1 Jan 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A movie composer going through a mid life crisis becomes infatuated by a woman he sees at a wedding who just happens to be the bride.

My Take on it – This is a film that has become so iconic largely due to the image of Bo Derek running on the beach.

It also make Dudley Moore a star and that has a lot to do with the way that he keeps things very fun the entire time.

Unfortunately, the story constantly takes things too far which takes away from the way that the story should be viewed.

The premise that someone so successful in just about every aspect of life and eventually reaches a point where he gets bored of it all actually makes a lot of sense and they do a nice job making us understand how and why he has gotten fed up with the day-in day-out routine of his life and why he would need to find a new outlet.

The choice to have this presented as a comedy instead of a meaningful or poignant idea also detracts so much from the overall enjoyment of this film and it’s a pity that Director Blake Edwards chose to go this route instead of one which would make this film feel much more meaningful on a whole.

Love seeing Brian Dennehy in a small role at the early part of his career.

Bottom Line – Moore is quite fun in this film, but he takes things a bit too far and that takes away from the story. The idea that someone who is so successful and gets bored with the way things have been is done well and we can get an understanding as to why he acts the way that he does. This film tries too hard to be funny instead of making it a much more meaningful and poignant film which also detracts from the overall enjoyment of this film.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Blake Edwards was inspired to write this script when he caught a brief glimpse of a woman on the way to her wedding. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy (5/10)


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