MovieRob’s Top Ten for Newly Viewed Pre-2018 releases

Besides watching current new movies, I like to try and catch lots of older movies that I’ve never seen for the first time.

In 2018, I watched a total of 745 *NEW* movies(up from 502 in ’17) and (only 76 were from 2018) to me (down from 78 in ’17)

Below is my Top Ten new movies that I watched during 2018 that were released in previous years. Since, due to my true belief that it’s very difficult to rank movies from different genres (or even years) together, I’ve decided to keep this list alphabetical.

Click on the link to go directly to my review.

All-Star Superman (2011)

Bright Victory (1951)

Five Graves to Cairo (1943)

Genocide (1982)

M (1931)

Malcolm X (1992)

Rififi (1955)

Up Documentary Series (1964-2012)

Vietnam War, The (2017)

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (2008)

Let me Know what you think!!

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