The Third Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon – Top Ten Alfred Hitchcock Films

This post is part of The Third Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon being held this weekend by Maddy of Maddy Loves Her Classic Films.

Tnx for letting me participate!


Hitchcock is known as one of the greatest directors and he directed 53 films.  I’ve seen and reviewed all of them, so here are my favorites.

Keep in mind, that these are all solely my opinion and part of what I would like to do is open conversation and dialogue between us all over the choices in these lists

Off we go….

10. The Wrong Man (1956)rope

9. Rope (1949)foreign

8. Foreign Correspondent (1942)rear

7. Rear Window (1955)psycho

6. Psycho (1960)lady

5. The Lady Vanishes (1937)north

4. North by Northwest (1959)dial-m

3. Dial M for Murder (1954)man

2. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)lifeboat

  1. Lifeboat (1944)

11 thoughts on “The Third Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon – Top Ten Alfred Hitchcock Films

  1. More to follow – but initial thoughts – I’ve seen all of your Top 10 – and met Hitchcock – twice – while in film school. Of your Top 10 – two would come nowhere near my list (I do LIKE all of them) and your #1 – Lifeboat – might be on my Top 10 (I have a funny story – told by Hitchcock – about his leading lady in that if i haven’t told it to you before – but not anywhere near #1. I will send my Top 10 in a bit…


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  3. Great list, Rob. The Wrong Man is so underrated. Nice to see some more love for Rope, Foreign Correspondent and The Man Who Knew Too Much(I like that one much more than the original). Thanks for joining me.


  4. Even Hitchcock – in his lengthy interviews with Francois Trauffaut – admitted that Rope was a failed experiment. But all of his films have their fans.


  5. Bearing in mind – it’s only your opinion (and personal choice) – which can’t really be argued with – here is my Top 20 Hitchcock films. You will notice, that only 4 of my Top 10 overlap with your Top 10 – and there are some notable titles not on your list at all:
    20. Saboteur
    19. I Confess
    18. Family Plot
    17. Dial M For Murder (originally intended + shot as a 3D movie)
    16. The Lady Vanishes
    15. Foreign Correspondent
    14, Spellbound
    13. Strangers On A Train
    12. Lifeboat
    11. The 39 Steps
    10. Rebecca
    9. Suspicion
    8. The Birds
    7. Frenzy
    6. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)
    5. Psycho
    4. North By Northwest
    3. Shadow Of A Doubt
    2. Rear Window
    1. Vertigo


  6. For all reading this one: quick Tallulah Bankhead story re: Lifeboat (as told by Hitchcock himself). Shooting LIFEBOAT – which if you’ve seen the film – it ALL takes place in a lifeboat after a ship is sunk (during opening credits) by a German U-boat. So – the characters in the film wear the same costumes throughout. No change of clothing for anyone. Miss Bankhead was notorious for never wearing underwear. Bra or panties. In real life or on set. Since all the action is on a cramped lifeboat with characters mostly sitting on wooden planks etc., one of Hitch’s assistants was viewing “dailies” (footage shot the previous day) and realized that in some shots, at some angles – Ms. Bankhead, sans underwear, was exposing a little too much to the camera. He took this information to Mr. Hitchcock – who after a short beat – replied, “I’m not sure if this is a matter for makeup or hairdressing” That’s your Lifeboat trivia for the day.


  7. Yay! Fianlly someone who likes Lifeboat as much as I do! This film is so underrated, there is so much suspense and it’s set in a single scenery… One of the best films of the 1940s, and without a doubt one of Hitchcock’s best.


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