Countdown to 5K! – #72 – Hope Springs (2003)

This is my 4947th Review

Original Rating prediction – 3/10


“Can’t you answer a simple question?” – Vera Edwards

“A simple question I could. Just not that one.” – Colin Ware

Number of Times Seen – 1 (18 Feb 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A British artist tries to stay hidden in a small New England town, but his past keeps trying to catch up with him.

My Take on it – This is afilm that I thought might be worth watching as a guilty pleasure largely due to the great cast.

The premise of the film didn’t sound that intriguing, but sometimes films with seemingly strange premises and a great cast can somehow manage to be great.

This isn’t one of those films.

It’s an extremely boring rom-com that doesn’t manage to go anywhere with the story and doesn’t work at all.

Despite having a great cast, this film has nothing going for it especially since even the cast members have trouble showing real chemistry among themselves which hurts this film so much.

One might think that on paper, a film starring Colin Firth, Heather Graham, Mary Steenburgen and Minnie Driver would be a home run, but the exact opposite happens here.

When the story begin to reveal the true plot of it all, it’s easy to see how flimsy an idea it really is and it all just keeps going further downhill from there.

They also try too often to add in situations that can be seen as comedies of error, but even those just get to be too much which just makes things even more annoying.

Bottom Line – Extremely boring rom-com that doesn’t work on any level. The cast is great, but none of them manage to have any real chemistry together. On paper, a film with Firth, Graham, Steenburgen and Driver sounds great but they lack any real connection between them which hurts things so much.  When they finally begin to reveal what the film is really about, it’s easy to see that they don;t have much to actually cling to and from there things go completely downhill especially with the various attempt at comedy of error situations that happen much too often.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – A bottle of the mineral water “Hope Springs Eternal” mentioned in the movie by mayor Doug Red is depicted after the credits. It has a portrait of the Queen of Hope Vera on it. The slogan below reads: “Available at a stockist near this cinema.” (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (3/10)


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