Isle of Dogs (2018)

“I suppose if it worked, we’d be dead already.” – King

Number of Times Seen – 1 (24 Feb 2019)

Brief Synopsis – In a futuristic Japan where they make a law exiling canines to a secluded island, a young boy makes the treacherous journey to find his pet.

My Take on it – I’ve never been the biggest fan of Wes Anderson’s films and this is no exception.

In all honestly, I did enjoy this one more than most of his other films despite it’s very blatant quirkiness along the way.

The way that the stop motion animation is presented is done quite well and I can completely understand how this film could get an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature.

As usual, Anderson tells his story in a very strange fashion that isn’t the kind that everyone enjoys (myself included).

I must admit that I usually don’t understand his films, so the fact that this one has a more coherent plot, helped me enjoy it a bit more than the rest.

The voice cast is superb and each of them is able to give their character their own distinct voice (pun intended).

The story goes a bit overboard with things and unfortunately doesn’t work as well as a plot like this probably could have.

There are certain scenes that are done quite well and help make the story more interesting to watch unfold even if the film takes a very non-linear approach to telling this story in full.

Bottom Line – Great stop motion animation works quite well to tell this story in the strange way that Anderson loves to make this films.  The story of this film is also strange but I am use to that with Anderson’s films already even if I can’t always understand everything about his films or even appreciate them as much as some people are able to.  The voice cast is superb and each of the famous voice actors is able to help give their characters distinct voice (pun intended).  The story is a bit too much and doesn’t work as well as it possibly could even if parts are definitely great to watch unfold even in a non-linear fashion some of the time. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The title “Isle of Dogs” is a play on words. Said quickly and fluidly it sounds like “I love dogs.” However, the play on words only works in English and loses that meaning in the Japanese pronunciation of the kanji, “Inu ga shima.” (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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