Stan & Ollie (2018)

“[Stan and Oliver have reached the top of the station staircase. Stan has one large trunk in one hand] Here, hold this. [Stan takes a suitcase with the hand he was holding the trunk with. The trunk slides all the way to the bottom of the staircase. Oliver gives Stan his famous exasperated glare] Did we really need that trunk?” – Oliver Hardy

Number of Times Seen – 1 (17 Mar 2019)

Brief Synopsis – Biography of the later years of the partnership between two of the most famous comics ever to appear on screen

My Take on it – This si a film that I’ve been quite interested in seeing for a few months and was so thrilled to finally have the opportunity to see it.

Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly are both perfectly cast in the roles of the comedic duo and are able to do so much justice for these great men.

They are able to give their characters so much more depth than is usually seem in biopics like this and that helps endear them even more to their audience even with their various personal quirks.

I’m actually quite surprised that neither of them (especially Reilly) got more awards recognition for these splendid portrayals since they each are able to handle both the comedic and dramatic aspects of it all.

The story that they create here is able to show how people who have managed to find a way to achieve fame over a storied career could hit bumps along the way, but if they cling to the bond that they were able to forge with their partner over the years, it can be very difficult to find a way to tear that bond apart no matter what happens along the way.

The comedic timing and perfection that these men created together is amazing to watch and they show us numerous examples of why that works so well for them over their careers as a comedy team unmatched.

The choice to devote this entire film to the later years of their partnership was a great one because it allows for so much more of an in-depth look into the conflicts that they each had with one another following so many years working together yet at the same time, we can see the mutual love that they each had for each other after so many years together.

Bottom Line – Coogan and Reilly do amazing jobs with these characters are are able to give them so much more depth than we are used to seeing with the way they have been presented in the past. I’m surprised that neither of them managed to get more recognition for their performances here because they hit the right tone between comedy and drama the whole way through.  The story is able to show how even people who have achieved fame can have their own personal problems but ultimately a bond that is forged for so many years cannot be severed so simply. The timing and perfection of the work of these men is shown time and again here and we can easily see how great a duo these men were over their careers.  The choice to solely focus on the later years of their partnership works quite well because we can see the rising conflict between them, but also the very love for one another that grew over the years of the partnership.  Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The small gold badges which Stan and Ollie wear in their lapels for much of the film relate to the Grand Order of Water Rats, a British trust through which members of the entertainment industry make donations to deserving people and charities. Stan and Ollie were Water Rats 465 and 466 respectively. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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