Mighty Aphrodite (1995)

“Achilles only had an Achilles heel, I have an entire Achilles body.” – Lenny Weinrib

Number of Times Seen – 1 (14 Apr 2019)

Brief Synopsis – After a sportswriter and his wife  adopt a young child, he becomes obsessed with finding its birth mother and is shocked when he eventually does find her.

My Take on it – This is a film that I had heard much about over the years yet never had much of a desire to see what it was all about until now since I’m trying to watch all movies that have had Oscar nominated performances.

Woody Allen’s films for me are hit or miss and this one is quite enjoyable largely due to the superb dialogue and the performance of Mira Sorvino in a truly breakout role.

This film tries to use the idea of a Greek Chorus to tell parts of the story yet it overuses the idea to a point where it becomes a bit tiresome.

Overall tho, the idea to make this film follow the path of a Greek Comedy works well in keeping things interesting.

The various situations that all of the characters find themselves in is quite intriguing to watch since we constantly know things that they are unaware of.

The pacing is done well and things move along really smoothly.

As with most Allen films, the cast is superbly chosen and they are quite enjoyable to watch as the story gets more and more complicated as thing progress.

Sorvino stands out among the entire cast and deservingly won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance here.

Bottom Line – Very enjoyable Allen film that works quite well due to great dialogue and Sorvino in a breakout role. They slightly overuse the Greek chorus in the film which makes things a bit tiresome, but the idea to make the plot like Greek comedy works to its advantage. The situations that the characters get themselves into is intriguing to watch as things move along at a great pace.  As always with Allen films, the entire cast is fun to watch as things get more and more complicated as the story progresses forward. Sorvino deservingly won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance here. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In a 2005 interview with “Vanity Fair,” Woody Allen stated that even after their bitter and much-publicized breakup, he considered casting Mia Farrow as his wife Amanda, saying that he believed she would be the best actress for the role. In response to this, his casting director Juliet Taylor replied, “What, are you nuts?”  (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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